Monday, July 07, 2014

Kou Ji: Roleplay Profile

Name: Kou Ji Rohnan
About the name: Kou Ji is not named after the lore of the Miqo'te. He grew up with a human Highlander who gave him the surname Kou Ji.
Nicknames: Kou-Kou (like "Coco")
Age: 27
Race: half Miqo'te (Keeper of the Moon), half Hyur Midlander
Born in: Gridania
Birth date: the excact date is unknown
Mother: Vah'na Lym (Miqo'te)
Father: Kaidus Dungren (Hyur Midlander, Ul'dah guard)
Raised by: Robred Rohnan (Hyur Highlander)
Member of: Grey Sharks (pirates)

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