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Background story

It was really cold and rainy. The wind was howling.

Vah'na, a female Miqo'te who had always worshipped the goddess Menphina, gave birth in that night.

However, her body was weak. Her soul was torn and her heart was broken by her beloved Kaidus who left her after finding out that she was pregnant.

Kaidus Dungren was not a Miqo'te but a Hyur Midlander and a proud guard of Ul'dah.

He wanted to force Vah'na to abort the child. In his eyes, a "dirty" baby shall not be born. He would not be able to keep his job if the militaries were to find out that his baby is a crossbreed of a Miqo'te and a Hyur.

He turned his back on Vah'na, threw her down the stairs in his house and left her alone in pain. Vah'na was crying and begging him to stay.

Kaidus didn't care.

The young Miqo'te was never able to regain her full health. She gave up on herself. The only thing that kept her going was her unborn child, that survived the fall.

Doctors who treated Vah'na could not explain this wonder, but the unborn was fine and growing day by day. But the Miqo'te couldn't pay the doctors, that's why she had to leave Ul'dah as soon as she recovered.

The Miqo'te also found out that Kaidus was informed that the child is fine. She knew he would come after her. Vah'na fled into the forest of Gridania and lived some months in the wild, eating fishes and drinking springwater.

Time had passed and the child was about to be born.

When Vah'na gave birth in that cold night, alone and freezing, her body let her down.

She heard her newborn screaming, but couldn't properly see the face. Everything in front of her eyes got blurry. The Miqo'te prayed to Menphina: "Please, please don't let my baby die...". She hugged it, tried to keep it warm. Then she took her last breath, and one last tear was running through her face.

Vah'na passed away.

However, it seems that the goddess Menphina granted her dying wish. The small baby was lucky and a nice old man found it just a few hours later. Robred Rohnan, as he was called, raised the baby like his own son and gave him the name Kou Ji Rohnan.

Robred, a crazy old Hyur Highlander, took really good care of Kou Ji.

They lived together in a small village next to a beautiful lake.

The old man taught him how to catch fishes, how to build tables and chairs and also how to read and write. Kou Ji was like a son for the old man and he loved him a lot.

When Kou Ji was about six years old, he saw two Hyur girls waiting for their mother next to a fisher shop. That day the young boy started to wonder if he had a mother as well, so Robred told him the truth. He told the young boy that he found the body of his mother back then and rescued Kou Ji.

This night was really emotional. But not only because of the truth that Kou Ji heard. Something awful happened that night. Filthy thieves broke into the village. 

They burned down the houses of the innocent habitants, took their goods and chattels and killed everyone. Men, women, even children didn't get spared by their brutality.

Robred tried to protect Kou Ji, wielding a wooden sword that the young boy had crafted for him. But he was no match for Lexter N. Auramius, the thief who was leading the others. Robred sunk to the ground. He was bleeding a lot and died right in front of Kou Ji's eyes.

After seeing this cruel scenario, the young boy was full of hate. He attacked the murderer of his beloved "father". Lexter however was smiling. The aggressivity of the young boy impressed him. That's why he took Kou Ji with him - after beating the boy so hard that the half-Miqo'te boy could hardly breathe and passed out shortly after.

The thieves brought the young boy to their hideout next to the wide open sea.

If there was one thing that Kou Ji learned from them, it was the following: If you want to live, then you'll have to listen to their orders. Or you life will be like the hell on earth.

The young boy got raised to be a real thief, to steal goods which didn't belong to him. His skills got enhanced. He should be able to sneak into houses without making a single sound.

While being a trainee, Kou Ji got beaten day in and day out. The other thieves found it really amusing that the young boy was so very weak. He was an easy victim, even for the weak ones who usually got bullied by the others.

As much as Kou Ji hated Lexter N. Auramius and his gang - he had no choice but to deal with the pain that he had to suffer. With his age he was no match for him nor any of the other thieves around. But he couldn't just give up here. He wanted to live, to grow strong. Because only then he could revenge his beloved Robred. Only then he could kill Lexter. And make an end to those filthy bastards who burned his village and slaughtered his friends.

Days had passed. Kou Ji grew up and became a strong and tall man. The thieves had stopped to make fun of him, because he was way stronger than most of the pack already.

Kou Ji felt ready. He had trained every day for hours, just for this one moment. The moment when he would kill Lexter N. Auramius, the murderer of Robred.

While the thieves were celebrating their victory (they just had successfully robbed another village) they got really drunk and started to sing songs about conquering the whole world.

Kou Ji wasn't attending the "festival", but no one noticed, as they were too busy drinking and singing. The half-Miqo'te was waiting. Waiting till the bunch of idiots could barely move and would fall asleep - or puke their guts out.

A few hours later the time had come. Lexter went into his room, closed the door behind him carefully and went sleep. He had drunk quite a lot and was really wasted. "As if a small locked door could stop me." That was what Kou Ji was thinking while opening the door with a lockpick.

Kou Ji took his lance and entered Lexters' room. He carfully closed the door after him again, pushing the nearest closet in front of it. If Lexters' gang was about to arrive, they should at least not enter too fast. His red eyes where observing the drunken thief-boss. The half-Miqo-te knew that he was about to kill a person. Killing was what he had avoided all the time. But not now.

Lexter opened his eyes and looked in Kou Ji's face.

"Nice, nice, nice. I havn't seen ya' being that angry since back then... Since I beat the crap out o' ya' old gran'pa.", said Lexter with a loud giggle.

"Shut up and die, you dirty piece of trash."

"As if YA' could kill someone, lil' b..."

Lexter felt the sharp lance entering his leg and screamed. "Ya' stupid, sucker?"

At start Kou Ji wanted to kill him quickly, but after what he said there was no way that Lexter could leave this world without having pain. Without having so much pain that he would beg to die.

Kou Ji stabbed his weapon into Lexters' body, in and out - blood was splashing all around and the thief was screaming and crying, begging him for mercy.

Nammas Longberry, Lexters' right hand, heard the screaming and had already gathered some of the drunken thieves. The door was about to break and Kou Ji knew that he needed to hurry now. He stabbed the dagger one last time directly into Lexters' face. It was done. The thief was dead.

Suddenly the door broke and the closet smashed on the ground. Longberry and the crew had finally managed to destroy it. They were fully armored with swords, daggers, guns and torches and ready to kill Kou Ji for what he had done.

But the half-Miqo'te didn't care. He took his weapon and tried to survive the painful attacks of the others. He was really agile and could avoid most of their attacks.

Kou Ji somehow managed to leave the big room - thanks to one of the drunken thieves who slipped and dragged at least four others with him to the ground. However, one of the thieves shot in his leg so he had a hard time to run.

While running, someone grabbed his small, black tail. It was Longberry. Kou Ji turned his face to look at him, but that was a huge mistake. He could feel a long sword slicing through his left eye. Blood was all over his face and he knew that he will not be able to use this eye anymore.

Kou Ji didn't give up, just because he felt pain. He took his lance and was ready to defend himself against Longberry. Then he felt a bullet entering his right shoulder. Someone else had shot at him again. The pain was awful, and Longberry took his advantage to stab his sword into Kou Ji's stomach.

The half-Miqo'te went to his knees, unable to move any further. Was this the end? He felt the thieves kicking him in the face, and burning his skin with the torches they had with them.

Kou Ji saw a light in front of him. He could see a woman. She had a warm voice and was telling him to be strong. Be strong... Was that his mother? Was he about to die?

All of a sudden someone shot a cannonball at the thieves, slightly missing Kou Ji and Longberry. The thief-hideout ended up in a huge explosion and everything started to burn.

"PIRATES!", shouted Longberry, who was taking at least five steps backwards. "RUN YOU MORONS!"

Kou Ji tried to open his right eye, but he could only see blurry people running around. He felt the presence of someone who kneeled down next to him. "Wow, you look fucked up, mate!"

The half-Miqo'te passed out.

"Where am I..."

After waking up Kou Ji felt really dizzy. He was confused. Why was he alive?

"Yo!" That was the voice that Kou Ji heard before he passed out. He was sure of that.

"Found you in the hideout of those bastards. They really dared to attack our village, so we came to beat the crap out of them. Seems they had some... issues with you, lil' fella?"

"Who are you?"

"Me? I'm L'akaz Dilatres, proud captain of the Grey Sharks. We are pirates."

Kou Ji wasn't happy about that. Again he met some filthy thieves who captured him. But L'akaz told him that they aren't thieves - they are pirates who steal goods from mostly richer people or people that pissed them off. Like Lexter and his gang - they robbed the village where most of the pirates settled down with their families and that was too much. So they came to beat them badly. But someone was already faster and Lexter was dead.

"I assume, lil' boy, that you killed that asshole?"

Kou Ji told L'akaz everything. The reason why he worked with the thieves, and why he ended up half dead on the ground just before the pirates found him.

Time had passed. Kou Ji joined the Grey Sharks and experienced how it was to work with people who care for each other - and he loved it.

In L'akaz Dilatres, his captain, he found a man that he could look up to. L'akaz had a weird humor, but everyone of his crew enjoyed being with him.

Even though he often lost the direction on the sea ("Dude, AGAIN? Are you stupid? Read the map properly, you are our freakin' captain!!").

And so Kou Ji's real journey finally began...


Chelle Taylor said...

I am just learning RP and in the early stages of creating my own character--with my main legacy character, so I have to get it right the first time. "If you can't beat 'em join 'em," as they say, and since I'm on the unofficial-official RP server, Balmung, I chose the option that sounds like more fun. *smiles* I am researching the scope of character histories; not looking for ideas so much as getting a feel for the full spectrum of character bios and more importantly getting a feel for exactly what kind of back story I personally find attractive and moving.

I very much enjoyed Kou Ji's history. (Little Kou Kou was adorable, by the way!) I'm sure this must all seem ages ago to you now as he has grown and developed over time, but it's been a great help. My smallest possible concern rests in mixed feelings about his heritage, and strictly from a lore-friendliness perspective. The rest, to me, was neither too "out there" nor too conservative. As Goldilocks said, it was "just right."

Kou Ji's is a compelling story without being overly melodramatic--something I too will take great pains to avoid. He is very real and believable, not some wanna-be god-hero, aside from a bit of divine intervention, but don't we all benefit from a bit of that in our lives whether we acknowledge it or not?

I honestly find myself wanting to follow Kou Ji's story to see how things turn out.

My thanks to you for sharing his trials and triumphs. Best wishes to you in all your endeavors!

Kou Ji said...

Hey Chelle!

Thank you very much for your awesome feedback :)

I believe that Balmung is an awesome server to RP. I am on Shiva and sadly I didn't find a single person to roleplay with... but moving to an NA server is just no go for me, because the time zones are too different. That's why - for now - I didn't really continue to write his story. I am still thinking how I could make a nice story without having people around me, I wrote several possible stories but they didn't satisfy me yet. I also wanted to take the calamity into account, but I didn't play 1.0 so it makes it really hard for me to write about it. But I will figure something out, I just won't rush with it! =)

I hope you will get a great story for your character as well! :) And I hope that you will show me your story once it's done! I never really learned RP by myself to be honest, wanted to start in XIV, but bleh >.<.

Glad you like my story. Not sure if I understood your sentence with the heritage correctly (haha, sorry, here goes my MMORPG english :D). If you mean the mixed races (as you wrote in the previous comment) - it might really not be that lore friendly, but I've always been a huge fan of mixed races and I find Miqo'te and Hyur fit great together.

Aye, I hate character stories where the character is semi-god, overpowered and totally unrealistic. That's why I tried to keep it as "low" as possible.

Thanks again for your comment, it made me really happy to actually see that someone is reading this!=)

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