Saturday, November 22, 2014

New class: Dark Knight is coming in 3.0

At the London Fan Festival we go a lot more information about a new class called Dark Knight.
Players can start being a Dark Knight a level 1 because this job doesn't require any base class like Marauder or Pugilist. It's the complete opposite of what we have seen so far in XIV and an interesting change. Will every new introduced class in the future be like this?

Okay, so a little more about the Dark Knight: It's a Tank with really awesome looking Heavy Armor and it's said that he is focusing a lot on parrying and dodging to avoid damage.

His main weapon is a huge, two-handed great sword but he is also using the power of darkness. So he is the complete opposite of our holy knight, the Paladin.

I personally love this concept and I'm curious to check this class out if 3.0 goes live. Sadly I'm not a huge fan of playing the tank role in XIV, because it usually means a lot of pressure for me. Let's see, though!

It seems there are more classes coming as well in the future. I think they will introduce a new ranged melee class (some information about a class with guns showed up, but nothing is officially confirmed yet), a new magic dps class and yes, of course a new healing class too.

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