Sunday, November 23, 2014

Flying Mounts in 3.0

At the London Fan Festival 2014 Naoki Yoshida announced that flying mounts would come to Eorzea in the Heavensward (3.0) expansion! He also showed a video with a Lalafell riding a Black Chocobo and flying around in a completely new zone.
It's officially confirmed that the Black Chocobo will be the first flying mount that people could get, but there are at least 6 new mounts in development. One mount seems to be part of a new Collectors Edition which should get released in Spring 2015.

Players will also get Personal Airships as well, but only little information is known yet.
The new Heavensward areas got developed so players will have a lot of landscape to explore with their new flying mounts.
This seems to be a really cool change to the game, offering more freedom than ever! Sadly we won't be able to fly around the old zones we already know (I'd love to explore them too).

3.0 is planned to get released in Spring 2015.

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