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Private Chambers (Patch 2.3)

In 2.3 players can finally obtain their very own personal room.

To get your own room, you will need to have at least one class which is level 50 and you also have to obtain the rank of second lieutenant in your Grand Company. The size of each room will be the same, no matter how big the Free Company house is. Also, all estates allow a total of 512 rooms, so don't worry about not getting one!

This guide includes:
- How to obtain and customize a room
- Indoor furnishings
- Remodel Interior
- Estate Settings
- Move to Chamber Door

How to obtain a room:
- You need to be a part of a Free Company
- Your Free Company has to own an estate (no matter which size)
- One room costs 300.000 Gils
Head to your Free Company estate and you'll notice a window popping up, saying that private chambers are now available. The entrance to the private chambers should be close to the entrance of the estate.

If you didn't purchase a private room yet, you'll get the option to actually rent a room for 300.000 gils once you "use" the entrance door.
Yay, Room #1!

If you now use the entrance again, it will ask you to visit your own room or the room of someone else.
This is how your very own room looks for now:
You can now customize it as you wish!

For that, click on the Social button and select "Housing". 
Once selected, you will get asked what you actually want to do now:

1. Indoor Furnishings
You can place up to 50 furnitures in your private chamber. First of all, you have to obtain some furnitures (from the trade broker for example). Keep in mind that you can only put indoor furnitures, so you can't place any roofs for example.

Once you've selected "Indoor Furnishings", the following interface shows up:
You can see what furnitures you've already placed and available items in your inventory that could be placed. Take a look at the Layout Mode though.

The first button, "Move", allows you to move furnitures around while it is activated.

The second one, "Rotate", allows you to turn the selected item into whatever direction you want.

The last button, "Remove", will put the furniture back into the furniture inventory ("Indoor Furnishings").

Placing items:
For that, you can a) right click on the item in your inventory or b) just drag it out if your inventory directly into the room wherever you want to place it. Be careful, because once you placed a furniture, you won't be able to sell/give it to other players, so make sure you really want to use it. You can now move the furniture around, rotate it or put it back into your furniture inventory (see above).
Have fun decorating!!!

2. Remodel Interior
This option will help you to decorate the walls, the lamp and the floor of your room. To change it, you will have to obtain another of those decor items first. To actually use the item now, you will need to right click (for PC users) on one of the buttons (I will use a wall for example) and select it.
You can preview the options now, so if you don't click on "confirm", you can still sell the item if you don't like it.

If you are happy with what you see, you can click on confirm. A warning pops up, telling you that the old item will get destroyed once you proceed. That means, that if you want to change your wall, lamp or floor again, you will need to buy a new item to do so.
Click on yes to actually use the changes you just made!

3. Estate Settings
If you click on Estate Settings, you will get asked what you actually want to customize: The Free Company estate (which most of us can't do because of the rights!) and room settings. Click on room of course, and you can select one of the following options:

A) Change Room Name: You can change the name of your room as much as you want and for free! The name can have a maximum of 20 characters and there are some rules to follow:
B) Edit Greeting: Think about a nice welcome message for yourself and for friends who join your room! The Message can have 192 characters in total (at least it says so), but I actually got stuck with 32 characters left... weird!
C) Guest Access Settings: Here you can allow others to access your room even if you are not there. However, if you want some privacy I recommend you to not allow the access!
D) View Room Details: Those details will show you who actually owns the room, which room number it is and many more details. Check below:
 E) Vacate Chambers: I believe this is to get rid of your chamber if you decide to leave your Free Company for example. Have in mind that the gils you spent to get your room will be lost!

4. Move to Chamber Door
This option teleports your character back to the entrance door of your chamber. Quite... weird this option, because the room is not THAT big to actually need a teleport, haha.

Got any questions? Feel free to ask!


Anonymous said...

Can you adjust the queue for who's at the top of the list? 1-10 seems best for officers and active players.

Anna Chan said...

Nah, I don't think that works, at least there is no option for it! I think it's just the order in which you obtain a room (first comes first), and if you give up on your room the number gets free again - at least that's what would make the most sense to me!

Anonymous said...

What if you want to change Grand Companies, but you've already bought your Privet Chambers? Will you lose it?

Anna Chan said...

If you change Grand Comanies it has no effect on your private chamber at all!

However, if your Free Company buys another house or you leave the FC then your chamber will be gone!

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