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Guide: Book of Skywind II Completion

1. Enemies 
You have to kill 10 enemies of each kind listed below (that makes a total of 100 foes).

Gigas Shramana
Location: Mor Dhona - North Silvertear
I just found 2 or 3 of them, standing very far from each other. It's quite annoying to get your 10 kills, specially if there are more people farming them, so I ended up just waiting on one spot for the respawn.

5th Cohort Signifer
Location:  Mor Dhona - The Fogfens
I found about 3 of them, but they were overfarmed so I can't really say if there are more. I found 2 inside the fortress and one at the entrance!

Natalan Fogcaller
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Natalan
Just run around the fortress, the Natalan Fogcallers are not so hard to find! There is also one next to the Aetheryte.

Location: East Shroud - The Sylphlands
There are plenty of them, and you can just run around in this small circle (see picture below) to get your kills done!

Location: North Shroud - Proud Creek
Just head to the location marked down below. There are tonns of them - an easy task!

Amalj'aa Archer
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak
They are really annoying to find and you'll probably have to run around a lot. One is on the mountain too, so be sure to check there too! I found it less annoying to just camp one location and slack until they respawned!

Zahar'ak Battle Drake
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zahar'ak
I found a good location where two of them spawn and just camped until they respawn. Check the location below! You can also run around Zahar'ak, but you'll probably have to kill tonns of mobs to get your way through.

4th Cohort Signifier
Location: Western Thanalan - Cape Westwind
Once you've teleported to Horizon you have to head all the way up to Cape Westwind. There are a couple of Signifiers there, so you shouldn't take too long to get your kills done.

Sapsa Shelftooth
Location: Western La Noscea - The Sapsa Spawning Grounds
I found 4 of them on the location below! Once they are dead, you can just head back to the start and they'll quickly respawn.

Elite Priest
Location: Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines
The Elite Priests are very annoying to find, specially if someone else just killed them and you actually miss their location. I ran around the U'Ghamaro Mines for ages until I found one! Anyway, I ended up visiting those 2 locations (see picture) to get my 10 kills.

2. Dungeons 
You have to complete the following 3 dungeons in order to complete this category:
  • Haukke Manor
  • Copperbell Mines (Hard)
  • Brayflox Longstop (Hard)
You'll need to equip your Atma weapon while killing the last boss!

3. FATEs 
Your next task is to complete 3 special FATEs. I recommend to camp at the shown location or at least close to it, because you will have to get a gold medal in order to get it done - and this can be rather difficult if you have to run to the spot first.

Location: Southern Thanalan
This FATE... ungh. It seems to have a ridiculously long respawn time, circling from 1-25 hours. There is a whole discusstion for just this one FATE on Reddit and on several other forums as well, just google it and you'll see... So here's what I did: I boosted the sound to maximum volume and... ... went to nap. Yup! And when I woke up by the sound it had spawned on me! Sadly I forgot to take a screenshot while it was up... too sleepy! But anyway, here is the spawn location:

Tower of Power
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands
You'll have to activate this FATE manually, so be sure to be close to see when it's up! Giant Luggers will appear and you'll have to kill a certain amount of them to finish this FATE. Don't be scared if your NPCs die, the FATE will still continue!

What Gored Before
Location: South Shroud
This FATE is a boss, but the giant pig is really slow so you can kite him eventually. He seems to have millions of HP and it took me quite a while to get him down alone, so better take a friend with you to help!

4. Leves
Now there is only one category left: Levequests! You have to do 3 special Leves, so be sure to have enough allowances ready. In case you don't find the right Levequest at the NPC, you will have to initiate other Leves before and hope that they will spawn after. Or else: Try to come back another time (which actually worked better for me).

Necrologos: Pale Oblation
Location: Northern Thanalan - Camp Bluefog
Talk to Rurubana <Levemete>, who is located in Camp Bluefog, and choose Battlecraft Leves. You need to collect 5 Necrologos Pages which are hidden in different patchments around the zone. In between that you will need to kill a bunch of monsters around. After you got all 5 pages, a "boss" monster will spawn, but he is easy as well.

Put Your Stomp on It
Location: Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach’s Find
Talk to K'leytai <Levemete> in Mor Dhona and select Battlecraft Leves. You need to visit the 4 destination points and kill some mobs in between, so not a big challenge!

The Bloodhounds of Coerthas
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim Front
Talk to Lodille <Serpent Sergeant> in Whitebrim Front and select The Order of the Twin Adder Leves. This Leve is pretty easy, you'll just have to kill some mobs while defending some items. It takes about 1-2 minutes!

Congratulations, the Book of Skywind II is now complete!

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