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Guide: Book of Skyfall II Completion

1. Enemies 
You have to kill 10 enemies of each kind listed below (that makes a total of 100 foes).

Gigas Bhikkhu
Location: Mor Dhona - North Silvertear
I really have no idea if there are more of them, but I only found 3 of them spawning in the cave you'll see on my screenshot. This is the entrance to Crystal Tower in case you can't find it! Well, at least they are close to each other!

5th Cohort Hoplomachus
Location:  Mor Dhona - The Fogfens
I only noticed 3 of them camping in front of their base. I didn't find any in the fortress itself - they might just have been killed though. I just slacked and waited for their respawn!

Natalan Watchwolf
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Natalan
The wolves are inside of the "fortress" and there are plenty of them. You might have to kill other mobs to reach them though!

Sylph Bonnet
Location: East Shroud - The Sylphlands
Those mushrooms are really easy to find, because they are literally everywhere!

Location: South Shroud - Urth's Gift
Keds are easy to find as well, there are tonns of them at the following location:

4th Cohort Laquearus
Location: Western Thanalan - Cape Westwind
There are 4 of them in Cape Westwind, but they respawn relatively fast.

Iron Tortoise
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak
Don't mistake those for Bronze Tortoise. The Iron ones are a bit ore rare and a bit further south than the Bronze ones. If you are lucky - like me - you can bump into a FATE named "Full of Rigormortis" which spawns tonns of them.

Shelfeye Reaver
Location: Western La Noscea - Halfstone
I only found a total of 4 of them, but the respawn time is not that awful to be honest! They can become part of a FATE too, but even there they'll respawn.

Sapsa Shelfscales
Location: Western La Noscea - Sapsa Spawning Grounds
Maybe I was blind, but I only found a total of 3 of them... So it took me quite a while to get all the kills done!

U'Ghamaro Bedesman
Location: Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines
I really hate the U'Ghamaro Mines... did I ever say that? Anyway, those aren't too hard to find, just run around a bit. One is directly close to the entrance.

2. Dungeons 
You have to complete the following 3 dungeons in order to complete this category:
  • The Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak
  • Amdapor Keep
  • Haukke Manor (Hard)
You'll need to equip your Atma weapon while killing the last boss!

3. FATEs 
Your next task is to complete 3 special FATEs. I recommend to camp at the shown location or at least close to it, because you will have to get a gold medal in order to get it done - and this can be rather difficult if you have to run to the spot first.

Black and Nburu
Location: Mor Dhona
Here you will need to kill a boss (Nburu). It is so hard to solo this one, specially because it hits from range and it has tonns and tonns of HP. Bring a friend to make sure that you get him down in time.

Breaching North Tidegate
Location: Western La Noscea
This FATE is a follow up by some other FATEs and includes a strong boss at the end. I was lucky that I had some people around who helped me to kill it - not sure if he is soloable, as he is quite fast.

Breaking Dawn
Location: East Shroud
This FATE is really far, and it seems to not spawn that often. Yet again - another boss, but I don't know if he is hard or not, because there were many people waiting for this FATE to pop - he went down in less than 30 seconds.

4. Leves
Now there is only one category left: Levequests! You have to do 3 special Leves, so be sure to have enough allowances ready. In case you don't find the right Levequest at the NPC, you will have to initiate other Leves before and hope that they will spawn after. Or else: Try to come back another time (which actually worked better for me).

Someone's in the Doghouse
Location: Northern Thanalan - Camp Bluefog
Talk to Rurubana <Levemete>, who is located in Camp Bluefog, and choose Battlecraft Leves. This leve is kinda annoying. You need to spam the /beckon emote at the wolf that will spawn and lead it safely behind the gates of the city. Monsters spawn, and if your wolf dies, the levequest fails. I highly recommend you to immediately take aggro on all the mobs and lure them far away from the wolf. His HP drops quite fast, but there is one good side: it heals up completely after all mobs have been slain.

Get Off Our Lake
Location: Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach’s Find
Talk to Eidhart <Flame Sergeant> in Mor Dhona and select The Order of the Twin Adder Leves. After initiating the leve you will have to defeat three different kinds of Cohort soldiers. After that you can kill more mobs or go afk and wait till the time is over!

The Area's a Bit Sketchy
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim Front
Talk to Voilinaut <Levemete> in Whitebrim Front and select this Leve. After you initiated it, you'll need to secure 4 different locations by defeating the enemies that spawn if you get closer to the destination point.

Congratulations, the Book of Skyfall II is now complete!

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