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Guide: Book of Netherfire I Completion

1. Enemies 
You have to kill 10 enemies of each kind listed below (that makes a total of 100 foes).

Hexing Harrier 
Location: Mor Dhona - The Fogfens
You'll find a total of 3 Hexing Harriers at the location below. If there aren't any, they are probably all dead, so just wait a bit for their respawn.

Gigas Bonze
Location:  Mor Dhona - North Silvertear
I only found 2 or 3 of them, so it will take a while to get your 10 kills. I suggest to check out the nearby Levemete (see Leves below) for the required Leve called "One Big Problem Solved".

Giant Luggers
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Boulder Downs
I found 4 of them around the location below. The Luggers just got knuckles equipped, that will make you notice them faster.

Zahar'ak Fortunetellers
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zahar'ak
The Fortunetellers are the huge ones patrolling around Zahar'ak. You'll probably want to be careful and clean your way first, because you can easily have 5 or more mobs on you.

Tempered Orator
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak
You can find some of them here. Directly next to this spot is also a FATE called "Book of Pride", which also makes them spawn.

Shelfclaw Reaver
Location: Western La Noscea - Halfstone
Those are not hard to find, and the also spawn during a FATE called "Watch Your Tongue" at the same location.

2nd Cohort Laquearius
Location: Eastern La Noscea - Castrum Occidens
Teleport to Wineport and head to the shown location. I found labout 3 of them, one standing in front of the entrance, on is in the first room and one is in the last room.

U'Ghamaro Roundsman
Location: Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines
I personally didn't find many of them (maybe they were already killed), so I just camped at a spot where I saw one.

Sylpheed Screech
Location: East Shroud - The Sylphlands
I found a lot of them at this location. They are also on the way!

Wild Hog
Location: South Shroud - Urth's Gift
Teleport to Quarrymill and make your way to the location below. There are plenty of them, so this will be quick and easy.

2. Dungeons 

You have to complete the following 3 dungeons in order to complete this category:

  • The Sunken Temple of Quarn
  • Haukke Manor (Hard)
  • Halatali (Hard)
You'll need to equip your Atma weapon while killing the last boss!

3. FATEs 
Your next task is to complete 3 special FATEs. I recommend to camp at the shown location or at least close to it, because you will have to get a gold medal in order to get it done - and this can be rather difficult if you have to run to the spot first.

Another Notch on the Torch
Location: Mor Dhona
This FATE might be a little difficult alone. You will need to kill a boss, so better wait for backup. However, it is soloable - the boss itself doesn't do that much damage and if you are a ranged DPS you can pretty much kite him around. The real problem is to beat him in time, together with the adds that always spawn on you.

Everything's Better
Location: East Shroud
This FATE seems to have a very long spawn time, but it is easy to complete even solo, as you just have to kill some trash mobs around.

Return to Cinder
Location: Southern Thanalan
Teleport to Forgotten Springs and make your way to this FATE. Guess what - it's another boss. This time it's a caster so not so easy to solo like the first one.

4. Leves
Now there is only one category left: Levequests! You have to do 3 special Leves, so be sure to have enough allowances ready. In case you don't find the right Levequest at the NPC, you will have to initiate other Leves before and hope that they will spawn after. Or else: Try to come back another time (which actually worked better for me).

Circling the Ceruleum
Location: Northern Thanalan - Camp Bluefog
Talk to Rurubana <Levemete>, who is located in Camp Bluefog, and choose Battlecraft Leves. From there, simply initiate this Leve and secure the 4 locations.

If You Put It That Way
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim Front
Talk to Lodille <Serpent Sergeant> in Whitebrim Front and select Immortaol Flames Leves. Don't worry, you don't have to be a part of that Grand Company. After initiating it, just focus the big Dragon that spawns and ignore his summoned adds.

One Big Problem Solved
Location: Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach’s Find
Talk to Eidhart <Flame Sergeant> in Saint Coinach’s Find and select Maelstrom Leves. This Leve wants you to kill as many mobs as possible in 5 minutes. All you need to do is killing 3 different mobs though, then you can go slack or start killing the Gigas Bonze next to th Levemete if you didn't do so yet.

Congratulations, the Book of Netherfire I is now complete!

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