Saturday, April 12, 2014

The man that made my day!

Hildibrands return in 2.2 was the most funny questline I ever completed in a game. I laughed and laughed, and my belly was hurting a lot later! Did you know that you can re-watch all the awesome cutscenes in your room at the inn (The Unending Journey)? Simply select "Side Story Quests", get a drink, lay back and laugh!

And honestly, that Manderville Dance... is just... epic!
I also really liked Gilgamesh by the way - and his best buddy, the green chicken. Have you seen that he got hearts on his pants?!
I just didn't like that he was suspected to be a thief (okay, okay, you got me, I thought it too) - but in the end he was just looking for his weapon and did nothing wrong. I hoped to have a better ending between him and Kou-Kou.

Here are some of my favourite screenshots:
Can't wait for his next adventure!

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