Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sea monster!

Those days I finally completed the new story quests and I gotta have to say: The new story quest line was amazing. I love that you feel like you are a special person in Eorzea, and what you do actually matters ingame.

I couldn't wait to battle Leviathan, and it was fairly easy with a Duty Finder group (Hardmode, that is). I accidently signed me up as healer and was quite surprised, but I think I did fine, haha. I specially enjoyed the first part of the music (drums!).
My next goal is to beat Leviathan Extreme, but I'm not pushing myself too much with it.

And one more thing: To be honest, I think that Lady Yugiri could introduce a new class to FFXIV (maybe assassin?). I mean, she has a really unique battle style and she keeps training with the townsfolk from Limsa Lominsa now... What do you guys think?

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