Wednesday, April 09, 2014

My new Tumblr & minor changes to this blog

Hey everyone!

I made a new blog on Tumblr for little Kou-Kou. You can visit it here:
The reason why I did this is the following: It's sad that a lot of people aren't using Blogger (like I do for this blog here), so it's hard to share pictures, opinions and other things. On Tumblr are a lot of active FFXIV players and I love to just browse around there.

However, I like Blogger, because you have so much freedom in customizing your layout and writing your posts, so I won't completely abandon this blog. I am planning on duo-posting my ingame adventures here and also on Tumblr.

I also made some minor changes: If you scroll down to the verrrrrry bottom, then you got some new options to follow Kou Ji's adventures (with Blogger, with Google+ or with E-Mail) if you want. ^_^

Take care and see you next time!
(also, read the late post of my Little Ladies' Day!)

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