Monday, April 28, 2014

Leviathan & King Moggle Mog XI Extreme

Hey guys, how are you doing?

Those days I finally killed Leviathan Extreme and fat King Moggle Mog XI Extreme.
The fight with Leviathan is really... weird. I didn't enjoy it at all, because it includes you to turn around your camera like mad, hoping to see where the giant Primal comes from. I got a rather small screen compared to others, and I really got a hard time seeing something, but that might just be me lacking practise. In the videos I watched the people had a way bigger view, though (and yes, of course I'm talking about max distance). But yea, honestly, I really didn't enjoy it (and I actually enjoy a lot of fights). My head was hurting from all the camera-spinning.

Oh well, the first and second time I died and died, but the third I kinda did okay-ish, I guess. Didn't get hit badly or anything, so I will just have to practise a bit more. At least I got really lucky: Say hello to my new Wave Bow!
Ugly, right?! But the stats are very good for Bard.

The battle against King Moggle Mog XI Extreme is really awkward too. This time the small Moogles won't die and you can't just randomly kill one by one. Every Moogle still got it's special ability, and the DPs have to watch out for the Black Mage and the White Mage to interrupt their spells by attacking them. I really enjoyed this weird battle, we died a lot but in the end I got lucky again:
A new accessory for my Tank classes: The Ribbon of Fending!

While I died during this battle, I got stuck... sitting! Yea, that was reeeeally weird, but take a look by yourself:
By the way, I will be moving soon, so I won't have static internet for quite some time. Just so you know!

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