Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Guide: The Trials of the Braves (Books to upgrade your Atma weapon)

This guide will show you how to complete "The Trials of the Braves" - 9 books that you need to complete to upgrade your Atma weapon into the Zodiac version (PLDs need 7 books for the weapon, 2 books for the shield). Each book costs 1.500 Tomestones of Mythology and they add different stats to your Atma weapon. It doesn't matter which book you take first, but of course you should choose the stat that is the most useful to you. Sadly you can only start obtaining those books once you've completed to farm the 12 Atmas.

To get a book, talk to G'jusana in Mor Dhona and choose "Trials of the Braves Exchange". After that you will be able to choose from the following books:
Once you confirmed the order, the specific book will get placed into your key item bag.

You can now left-click the book and "Use" it. This will open a nicely designed interface, which you are going to hate pretty quickly.
On the very top you will see what exactly the book will add to your weapon (+2 DEX in this example). However, there are 4 different categories to complete before the stats are actually applying.

1. Enemies
You will have to defeat a total of 100 enemies - 10x10 different kinds. The most annoying part here is that most of them are actually overfarmed right now, and there is in general just a couple of them spawning.

2. Dungeons
Complete a total of 3 different dungeons (you have to kill the boss of each dungeon to get it done).

3. FATEs
This is the most annoying part in my opinion. You need to participate in 3 different FATEs in different zones. You might laugh now and say "just 3", but what makes it so annoying is that most of the FATEs don't really spawn often so you might end up just camping one spot for quite a long time.

4. Leves
And last but not least: Complete 3 different Levequests. This is pretty easy and quickly done, just make sure that you got enough allowances left.

After you completed every single task, the stats are being added directly to your Atma weapon. Once you got enough Mythology Tomes for the next book, the first one will get removed from your key item bag.

The Books (Completion Guide)

Let's take a closer look at each of the books. Simply click on the name from the list below to get detailed information on how to complete every task inside the book. The tasks for the books are the same for every class by the way - they will just add different stats.

More books will follow soon, because I don't have them yet. Stay tuned, I'll let you know when I update this guide.


Cain C. said...

A quick question.
What do I do with the completed books?
It says I can only possess one book at a time, does that mean I will need to dispose each one of them after completion?

Anna Chan said...

Once you obtain a new book for another 1500 myth, the old one will disappear!

Anonymous said...

Great guide man, honestly. The best out there!

Nicco said...

This is super helpful!!!!
Thanks man

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