Friday, April 18, 2014

Atma farm

I started to farm the 12 Atmas about two weeks ago and yep, it's a quite long task to do. But getting all the books after seems to be even more hard. I love to work long for a good gain, though, so you can imagine that I actually like the idea of it. A couple of days I actually managed to get the last of the 12 Atmas, and to be honest - I really didn't play much and just did some FATEs from time to time.
Some people said like 5 days after 2.2 that they are grinding one specific Atma for more than 30 hours... Hell, must be cool to have that much free time - why complain then?

Anyway, I've seen so many complaints about the whole Atma thing, which I can understand on one side, but on the other side I just want to facepalm. I mean, it's totally fine by me if you need some time to get a really good weapon, even though the Atma version makes absolutely no difference at start. FFXIV, specially the 2.2 update, gives people the chance to get good gear really fast, so why shouldn't there be one item which really makes you work hard for it? I love that idea.

I really don't mind doing FATEs, I actually enjoy them. While grinding you can level your Chocobo, slack, watch a movie, spirit bind your gear to get a nice money-boost, and and and. That's just an idea, though. I took about 3.000 screenshots, I think. I found bosses that I've never seen, like this "little" Mandragora!
To those who are constantly complaining: If you don't like doing FATEs - why would you do them anyway? Just get another weapon then. I really don't get why people feel forced to grind the Atma weapon.
If I don't enjoy to do something, I just don't do it. It's so simple! So stop complaining if you are bored, or stop doing FATEs and do content that you enjoy! There is always an alternate weapon to get, which is equal to it.

And by the way, did you ever think about low level players? Before 2.2 there was barely anyone to do FATEs with, and now they have at least a chance to finish them before the timer runs out.

Just my opinion. Now I'm going to farm the Myth tomes you need for the books!

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