Saturday, February 15, 2014

Be my valentine!

Hello guys and girls, today I want to spread the love and post some valentines pictures that I took during the Valentione's Day event which is still running till 17th february 2014. So if you haven't done it yet, you still got the chance to get some awesome costumes!
See you next time!he VaValentione's Day 2014lentione's DayValentione's Day

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Am I trusted now?

Yesterday I achieved rank 4 Trusted for the Amalj’aa as well, which means that I now maxed out both Beast Tribe reputations.
The last quest was really interesting and sad at the same time. I don't want to spoiler you too much, though!
I also got to see Loonh Gah without her mask, and she looks really adorable. She seemed to be a bit shy when Kou Ji was surprised to see her real face, though!
Of course I couldn't resist to by myself the new mount and the minion that you can purchase for quite some cash if you reach Rank 4.
I wonder if SE is going to introduce more ranks or other Beast Tribes later on!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

I won an Ahriman Choker

Woop, those days I logged into Eorzea and got a mail from SE, telling me that I am one of the 100 winners of the Starlight Celebration Screenshot contest! The mail was in german, simply because I think I sumbitted the picture in the german sub-forums. x)
I submitted the following screenshot to participate:
I am really happy that I won, so now I'm going to show you my new Ahriman Choker!
It is really detailed (look at the cute wings on the back!), but sadly most of my regular gear is covering it so you don't see it.

The "stats" (if you can call it stats, haha) are quite useless too! It's really just a nice skin.

Sunday, February 02, 2014

Upgrade to CE

Those days I upgraded my basic FFXIV account to the Collectors Edition version, which did cost me about 15€. To be honest - I've never been interested in the extra items you get for owning a CE, but after hearing about the two new items that people will get because of the upcoming PS4 release I got all hyped!

First of all: This fat fella - Winston in XXL.

The fat Chocobo mount just looks freaking insane to be honest. It made me laugh so hard and I already came up with a funny roleplay story how my Winston got that fat. XD

I never thought that a mount could interest me more than the Goobbue, but I was wrong! Just imagine your character bouncing on the fat back while trying to get the Chocobo moving with a Gysahl Green on a fishing rod. Simply epic!

The second item, which actually changed my mind into a I MUST HAVE DIS COLLECTORS EDITION NAO!!!-mood is a Wind-up Moogle minion...

You might have noticed that I'm totally crazed about Moogles, so I think everyone can imagine how hard I "squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeked" when I saw this. 

And a couple of days later I found this interesting blog post from the official dev blog, saying that the minions can even interact with each other!!!

Thaaaat is cool, right? I can't wait to afk somewhere in one of the main cities and listen to my Moogle making party with others while I'm away! 
Anyway, after I upgraded my account I logged into the game and was surprised that I got 4 ingame mails and wondered from who they could be. I checked my mailbox immediately and got all the previous CE items - I had totally forgot about those! So for now I got...

...a totally ugly Helm of Light that sadly fits to my new armor
...a Coeurl mount that I never liked and will never like >.< absolutely cute Baby Behemoth. I love the running animation of it, it jumps around like Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony.
...and a Behemoth Barding for Winston, but I really don't like it. Chocobos should be Chocobos and not things with 4 legs...
Can't wait to get XXL Winston and my Moogle.