Wednesday, January 15, 2014



Since the release of 2.0 I dreamed to get one, and today I finally got it! My own personal wobble goobbue mount! You can get one if you manage to achieve rank 4 (Trusted) in the Sylph beast tribe. The horn to permanently summon it costs 120.000 Gil, though.
But that's not the only adorable thing that I ninja'd from the Sylph merchant. Look at my new lovely minion, the Wind-up Sylph which costs 25.000 Gil.
And what I wanted to say: The last quest to unlock rank 4 is just awesome! I laughed so hard seeing my little Choco-in-disguise-buddy sneaking to ... oh, sorry, I really don't want to spoiler more! You HAVE to watch it by yourself!
Have a nice evening everyone! ^_^

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