Thursday, January 30, 2014

The Taru from Hell

Another of the two current events is called Burgeoning Dread, which is a cross-over with Final Fantasy XI. Sadly I never played XI, so I don't know what's all the story around Shantotto, but anyway!
First of all I got ordered to do two FATEs. While the first one was featuring a boss that people might know from Copperbell Mines, the second one was a giant Taru which wanted to beat everyone around.
After completing my order, I went back to Gridania to report what I had seen, and a new cutscene appeared. It highly reminded me of the anime Attack on Titan, haha.
Then the "big" surprise: Miss Shantotto was actually ultra small and her big doll turned into a small minion, that she handed to me.
Shantotto also told me that she would come for my pants if I would fail to treat the minion right... sooo... errr... I'll better go buy her some purrrretty clothes, right?! *sigh*

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