Sunday, January 05, 2014

The story of my first Relic~

Yesterday I finally managed to achieve my first big goal ingame. All my battle classes are now level 50 and I also completed the Relic quest for every single class!
The very first Relic quest I did was literally a pain in the ass. First of all: Chimera! I hated it. We wiped like 30x there, because no one knew how it really worked and people wasn't silencing and interrupting properly. Look at the cute low level Summoner gear I was wearing, together with an Ifrit tome. When I got this tome, I was so very happy!
When I got Chimera down, I was happy that the two follow ups were really easy. Kill 3x8 mobs and do AK - no problem. Then there was Hydra. Wow, Hydra was as painful as Chimera. I remember that I spend almost half of a day trying to beat her with a really undergeared group.

After that, the Primals had to get killed. While I had absolutely no problem with Ifrit and Garuda, Titan gave me a big headache. It took me two weeks to get him down. I practised that fight so much. At start I was one of those who always said "BUT I WAS OUT OF THE PLUME!!!" and I couldn't understand others raging at me that I'm a noob.
However, I found my static group while trying to beat Titan and we practised together for more than 10 hours in total. And then he FINALLY went down! I was the happiest Miqo'te ever, I can tell you! Shortly after I rushed to Gerolt and grabbed my The Veil of Wiyu and made it +1 (Zenith).
And I promised myself: 
"I will, for gods sake, never ever do this Relic quest again!"

...Now see what I did, hehe! I'm so happy that I kept going, so now I can focus on achievement hunting and crafting.


Catherine Kitters said...

Great job and congratulations!! I remember when I was working on my first relic (DRG) and I didn't think I would ever kill Titan, but now he's a mere drop in the bucket. I'm very happy you didn't stop after only one, because it turned into a fun story to read. I look forward to hearing about your crafting and other achievement hunting :D

Breathless Tao said...

Er....yeah.......congrats... o.O''' indeed. /nod

Flo Daddelt said...


I am currently working on the extreme primal weapons, already got 3. :D well basically 4 total on both characters. :)

Kou Ji said...

Thank you Cat <3
Haha, yea, if you do Titan for the first time I think everyone will say the same: "I'll never beat him!" XD

Kou Ji said...

Thanks Shuuuuw<3

Kou Ji said...

Aww thanks Flo :D
Wow, you got 2 characters? neat =)

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