Friday, January 10, 2014

(old) March of the Lalas

Today I want to share another old entry from my previous blog that I recently found. I'd like to keep the memory here, because it was really a lot of fun to participate. The original post was published on 7.7.2013.

The event

The one who organised it is no one else than DenmoCheck out his post in the official forums.

So this is how we did it: Everyone who wanted to participate had to create a character on the chosen server  - this time it was Moogle [EU]. We started off in Limsa Lominsa, so the best option was to roll a Marauder, because this class starts off in that region.

The March:

We all met in front of The Bismarck in Limsa and at 3 a.m. (CET) we started off our long journey. The full march took more than 2 hours and I was deadly tired, but it was just too awesome to go sleep!

The best thing was the reaction of some random players that we met outside on the field:
Here are some of the screenshots that I made during the march.

May the march begin!!
 At start we all had to line up.
And then the march began~
We invaded a pirate ship.
Then we left Limsa Lominsa...
... and zerged FATEs.
And we marched.
Heyooo! Can you see me?!
Our journey was also pretty dangerous.
Our numbers may have been seized, but we will never give up!!
We saw a lot of different places during our march!
Relax time for some minutes!
It's party time!
How many Lalas fit on one bench?
Disco in a small room!
We even climed up a mountain!
And some more group pictures of us!
And this is Denmo, our leader!
Yea, that's it for the March of Lalafells.

A great event, thank you very much for organising it, Denmo!

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