Sunday, January 19, 2014

My fifth month

Woops, I completely forgot to post my monthly progress. Three days too late this time, but anyway, here is my progress:

Old ~ This was my progress from last time:
Progress fourth month

New ~ And here is the fifth month:
Progress fifth month
Okay, first of all: I had a long break from my work, due to an illness and then I got vacations. So I played tonns and tonns the last month, hehe. During this time I enjoyed the new content a lot: I killed all the Extreme Primals, got two of those new weapons (the Hellish Claws for my Monk and the Dual Haken for my Warrior) and nice accessories for my Bard.

I simply decided to take those two weapons first because they look awesome!
And here is a screenshot of my new accessories:
I also leveled a lot. I managed to get my three last battle classes level 50 and finished the Relic quest with all of them. I'm really proud of this achievement!
I couldn't resist to buy myself a Tonberry and a Goobbue mount (once I achieved the rank Trusted for the Sylphs). I am really happy about those two, even though they did cost a lot, you will not see me without them anymore. 
Together with my FC Shards of Shiva we had a really funny photo shooting. Sadly the weather got terrible right after we started to position ourselfes, but the screenshots turned out great in any way.
And last but not least: The Heavensturn 2014 event was weird, but I enjoyed it!
See you next time!

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