Monday, January 27, 2014

Golem invasion

Today I want to talk about one of the two crossover events that are currently running: Breaking Brick Mountains, featuring Dragon Quest X (a MMORPG that has never been released outside of Japan). While I actually totally forgot about this event, I accidently stumbled into it while I crafted in Ul'dah. Yet again - you have to participate in a FATE.
This time I got really lucky and didn't have to wait hours and hours for it to spawn. I also loved those golem monsters, they look really funny!
Anyway, after completing my order I went back to Ul'dah and here we go... 

I passed some weird girly NPCs that - I swore to myself - I had never seen before. When I came closer to them they made sexy butt-poses and I was like "wtf, did I really NEVER notice those? Have I been THAT blind?". I giggled and moved on to the Quest NPC. 
And the following cutscene that appeared just made my day. 

I almost dropped from my chair because I couldn't stop laughing! The girls! Those, that I just had seen before! And god damn?! What do they want from my Kou Ji!? Q__Q
Those pictures don't lie, right? And then...!!!
Are you... shitting me? And now I started laughing like crazy, my bf was like "holy shit, what happened?".
I really have to say: This is - next to the Jandelaine quest - one of the best and funniest cutscenes ever made! Thanks for the great laugh, SE. And for the... urrrrm... Mask. And... minion... I guess!

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