Friday, January 03, 2014

An old story

Today I found a post that I wrote on my other blog during the Closed Beta Phases. This post contains a lot of screenshots and it's... mmh... let's say quite emotional for me, because during the Betas a friend that I really liked joined me. We made funny plans (own FC, roleplay, write our own RP story together, and so on) and loved to explore the ambience together. We spent hours running around in La Noscea.

Sadly, we kinda lost contact for whatever reason, but I found out that he is playing FFXIV too. Not on my server, though...

Here is my post from 29 June 2013:
We met on the ship in Limsa Lominsa...
...and quickly decided to roam around the city.
If that dude leans back more, he gonna fall down!!
But even though the city was fun, there was so much more to see outside of Limsa.
We made a couple of friends...
...and found a cool place to hang out together.
We even climed up the stairs of a huge lighthouse.
It got dark pretty fast, but look at the beautiful sky!
The people in Costa del Sol were really friendly when we asked them for a direction.
Even though it was dark, we decided to not take a rest!
And we found a sheep. Or... at least something like that.
But after traveling for hours, we really had to make a small break.
The next day we kept exploring La Noscea.
...Seriously? That dude must be kidding.
"Oh come down there Emeldra, I can see your panties!"
We also found a great place to relax.
It was really beautiful here.
But sadly, every adventure has to come to an end.
See you next time in Eorzea!
Thank you for the great time we had during the Betas.

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