Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas! & New Blog Design

First of all: I wish you all a Merry Christmas! <3 
Second: I'm really happy that tonns of Eorzean warriors made their way to my little FFXIV blog - now I almost got 200.000 views here - AMAZING!!! ^__^

As you can see: I changed the blog design a little - I really hope that you like it!

Enjoy Christmas!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

New Jobs: Astrologian & Machinist

At the Fan Festival 2014 in Tokio new information about two other ingame jobs have been released as well: One of them is a new healer - the Astrologian, and the other one is a ranged melee DPS, the Machinist. Both of them look pretty awesome and they don't require any base class, like the new Dark Knight.


Thanks to Dualshockers for uploading those HQ screenshots!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

New Race: Au Ra

We all knew that a new race would get released soon - however, we didn't know how the new race would look like!

New information got released during the Fan Festival 2014 in Tokio, showing the pretty cool Au Ra's!
I was curious how they'd look like and to be honest - I would have never imagined that they look so awesome!

After I saw this picture and watched a video someone uploaded, I instantly fell in love with the male Au Ra's and I'm pretty sure that I will use my Fantasia (that I kept since ages) to turn Kou Ji into one of them!

Yugiri (see picture on the left) is actually one of them and I thought that she has pretty weird ears coming out of her covered hat. So happy that those aren't ears, but horns!

There is still little information known. However, we do know that the Au Ra's are from the eastern continent of Othard. Because of a war that broke out, they had to leave their country, seeking refuge in Eorzea.

What do you think about the Au Ra's?

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Facebook Page for this blog

Hi everyone!

I like to share my posts on social media platforms like Facebook - but on my private Facebook account I got too many friends who aren't interested in FFXIV at all, and I don't want to spam them!

That's why I've created this little Facebook Page called FFXIV Fans for my blog to share all new posts:
I'd appreciate it if you follow me there. :)

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Coming soon: Eternal Bonding (Patch 2.45)

Many couples have been waiting for this little feature: The marriage system, also called Eternal Bonding, which is coming in Patch 2.45 (9th December 2014).
Only little details are known yet, but here is some known information:
- Players will be able to set a date and time for their wedding to take place at a location called "Sanctum of the Twelve".
-Yoshi-P announced back at the E3 that there will be same sex marriages as well, so do not be worried if your beloved one plays the same gender than your character!
- Married couples will get a special ingame gift - a big white Chocobo mount for 2 players, allowing only them to ride on it.
- If you think that you did a mistake with your marriage (maybe because you drank a little too much?!) you can still split up within the first 24 hours of being married by deleting the special wedding rings in their inventory. After that, it might take you a bit longer to go this way!
- If you want to read more about Patch 2.45, you can read the official Letter from the Producer LIX here.

I hope that we will be able to obtain the special rings ingame and not with an item via the cash shop, but I don't think that Square Enix would go this far (because it would piss off plenty of people I know).

Once the feature is ingame, I'll probably release a guide for it.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Mr. Rogue

Yup, I'm a Rogue now! :D
Can't wait to reach level 30 with my Rogue and turn into a badass Ninja! For now I'm level 16, so I got some more grind to do here! It's pretty funny to do FATEs atm, because 90% of the player base is currently leveling a Rogue/Ninja...

I'm totally in love with the cutscenes from the Rogue Guild - specially V'kebbe made me laugh so hard after Jacke stole her supper.
 And people keep telling me that I look scary when I'm pissed!!!
I also enjoy those sneaky tasks and confront the enemies behind their backs.
Catch you guys later!!

Monday, November 24, 2014

European Data Centers are coming!

Attention, european players!

Square Enix (SE) announced that European Data Centers will be coming in the future. At the moment, I'm sure that every european player among us knows that the current EU Servers are located in Canada, so some of us have to deal with a pretty high ping and are unable to play without programs like WTFast or BattlePing.

This however, is going to change in the future. SE is currently looking for a good location in Europe for the servers. I'll let you know once there is more information known.

It's highly likely that the current EU Servers (Chaos, Zodiark, Lich, Moogle, Odin, Shiva, Cerberus, Ragnarok, Phoenix) will just get relocated and no new servers will be implented. Some people are currently afraid that Square would make them pay money to transfer to a new server, just because it's located in the EU. But to be really honest - SE can't do this, as they'd lose a lot of their reputation again, and they really can't afford that! So don't be afraid and look forward to the upcoming EU Data Centers!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Flying Mounts in 3.0

At the London Fan Festival 2014 Naoki Yoshida announced that flying mounts would come to Eorzea in the Heavensward (3.0) expansion! He also showed a video with a Lalafell riding a Black Chocobo and flying around in a completely new zone.
It's officially confirmed that the Black Chocobo will be the first flying mount that people could get, but there are at least 6 new mounts in development. One mount seems to be part of a new Collectors Edition which should get released in Spring 2015.

Players will also get Personal Airships as well, but only little information is known yet.
The new Heavensward areas got developed so players will have a lot of landscape to explore with their new flying mounts.
This seems to be a really cool change to the game, offering more freedom than ever! Sadly we won't be able to fly around the old zones we already know (I'd love to explore them too).

3.0 is planned to get released in Spring 2015.

Saturday, November 22, 2014

New class: Dark Knight is coming in 3.0

At the London Fan Festival we go a lot more information about a new class called Dark Knight.
Players can start being a Dark Knight a level 1 because this job doesn't require any base class like Marauder or Pugilist. It's the complete opposite of what we have seen so far in XIV and an interesting change. Will every new introduced class in the future be like this?

Okay, so a little more about the Dark Knight: It's a Tank with really awesome looking Heavy Armor and it's said that he is focusing a lot on parrying and dodging to avoid damage.

His main weapon is a huge, two-handed great sword but he is also using the power of darkness. So he is the complete opposite of our holy knight, the Paladin.

I personally love this concept and I'm curious to check this class out if 3.0 goes live. Sadly I'm not a huge fan of playing the tank role in XIV, because it usually means a lot of pressure for me. Let's see, though!

It seems there are more classes coming as well in the future. I think they will introduce a new ranged melee class (some information about a class with guns showed up, but nothing is officially confirmed yet), a new magic dps class and yes, of course a new healing class too.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I'm still alive!

Hey, what's up everyone?

At the moment I'm not really active in FFXIV. I've got some health issues to deal with, that's why I quit the game in late August. Anyway, I'm planning on coming back in December this year - if everything goes well that is. :3

Have you already seen the new XIV Trailer for Patch 3.0 "Heavensward"?

Looks amazing, right?!

3.0 is supposed to get released in Spring 2015.

Anyway guys, take care and see you soon!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

I love, love, LOVE Hildibrand

Today I got reminded why I love those Hildibrand quests so much!
Too bad this questline was very short this time! Can't wait for the next!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

Turn 7: Check!

Yesterday we had our second try (about 3 hours) on Turn 7 and we finally killed the boss!
When I did the Melee Limit Break on the add, I got petrified during the animation. I laughed so much, because it looks like Kou Ji is SUPERMAN!!!
We got some caster and healer accessories and the usual loot - an Oil and an Unidentified Allagan Tomestone. I'm so happy that I got the Tomestone - I did so many ST runs this week without any luck, so this was quite a relief for me. Next week I'll equip my Monk with a brand new ilvl 110 weapon! Missing only 120 Solidery Tomes for now, which I can get next tuesday before we raid again.

Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Turn 6: Check!

Hey guys!

Last sunday I finally got Turn 6 down and I'm totally happy about that! I found a new static group and they are fun to play with - althogh I had to change my main class from Bard to Monk.
I'm not pretty good at playing a melee class, but I'm willing to learn it properly! I also don't have awesome gear for my MNK yet, but I'm working on it.

Luckily I got my first drop from T6: The High Allagan Headgear of Striking!!
I wonder what T7 will be like. Can't wait to try it out!

It also took me quite long to find a glamour that I like for my Monk, but I'm super happy with the outcome now:
Catch you later!

Monday, August 04, 2014

Guide: Book of Skyearth I Completion

1. Enemies 
You have to kill 10 enemies of each kind listed below (that makes a total of 100 foes).

Location: Mor Dhona - North Silvertear
Luckily there are tonns of those monsters around the following location:

5th Cohort Secutor
Location:  Mor Dhona - The Fogfens
I found a total of 3 Secutors hanging out in Castrum Centri. One is in front of the base, one in the first room and one in the second room.

Natalan Swiftbeak
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Natalan
Natalan Swiftbeaks are scattered all across Natalan. You should kill some of the other mobs, because it can easily happen to have about 6 buddies zerging you!

Violet Sigh
Location: East Shroud - The Sylphlands
"Sigh" really fits here. THIS WAY. *sigh*
And then there aren't really many of them, and they are scattered everywhere... *doublesigh*
So yea, I just camped one location to get my kills done.

Ixali Boldwing
Location: North Shroud - Proud Creek
Those are not really hard to find and there are plenty of them around the following location:

Amalj'aa Scavenger
Location: Southern Thanalan - Zanr'ak
I didn't find many of them, but at least they are close to the Zahar'ak Pugilist that you'll also need to kill! They are guarding the gates to Zahar'ak. I just killed them and went to kill the Zahar'ak Pugilist while waiting for their respawn.

Zahar'ak Pugilist
Location:  Southern Thanalan - Zahar'ak
Again - those are close to the Amalj'aa Scavengers, so you can just run around the entrance of Zahar'ak and nuke both different monsters!

Location: Western La Noscea - The Sapsa Spawning Grounds
Those are really easy to find. They respawn fast and there are tonns of them!

2nd Cohort Signifier
Location: Eastern La Noscea - The Agelyss Wise
I wasn't expecting to find a lot of those, but there are actually tonns of them in the fortress and you can get your kills done pretty quickly!

Elite Quarryman
Location: Outer La Noscea - U'Ghamaro Mines
I didn't find many of them, and because they were overfarmed I just camped one location to get my 10 kills.

2. Dungeons 
You have to complete the following 3 dungeons in order to complete this category:
  • Halatali
  • Amdapor Keep
  • Pharos Sirius
You'll need to equip your Atma weapon while killing the last boss!

3. FATEs 
Your next task is to complete 3 special FATEs. I recommend to camp at the shown location or at least close to it, because you will have to get a gold medal in order to get it done - and this can be rather difficult if you have to run to the spot first.

The Taste of Fear
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands
This FATE really takes ages to start... I spent 2 hours camping it until it finally popped. You will need to kill a boss that has tonns of HP, you might want to bring a friend with you. We were nuking it for about 6 minutes with 3 people until it finally died.

Location: Outer La Noscea
This is an easy FATE, you need to destroy the Kobold Toolboxes until a boss called "59th Order Matriarch Go Zu" spawns. He needs to get killed and he does ranged attacks, so it won't be easy alone.

The Big Bagoly Theory
Location: Eastern Thanalan
And another boss. He looks really powerful, but he is terribly slow and he doesn't do much damage. Bagoly also doesn't have a lot of HP, so he drops very fast. Be sure to camp next to the FATE, because it might be too late before you can arrive. Oh, and by the way, the FATE is at the very bottom!

4. Leves
Now there is only one category left: Levequests! You have to do 3 special Leves, so be sure to have enough allowances ready. In case you don't find the right Levequest at the NPC, you will have to initiate other Leves before and hope that they will spawn after. Or else: Try to come back another time (which actually worked better for me).

Don't Forget to Cry
Location: Northern Thanalan - Camp Bluefog
Talk to Rurubana <Levemete>, who is located in Camp Bluefog, and choose Battlecraft Leves. After initiating it, you have to kill some of the monsters around to obtain a bottle of Tears of Nepenthe. You can use those on the prime locations around. Your goal is to spawn and defeat 2 Balors.

Necrologos: The Liminal Ones
Location: Mor Dhona - Saint Coinach’s Find
Talk to K'leytai <Levemete> in Mor Dhona and select this leve. After initiating it, you will need to collect 5 Necrologos pages which are hidden inside the parchment and defeat the mobs that spawn randomly. After collecting the 5 pages, a little boss called Denizen of the Dark will spawn. You need to kill it.

No Big Whoop
Location: Coerthas Central Highlands - Whitebrim Front
Talk to Lodille <Serpent Sergeant> in Whitebrim Front and choose Immortal Flame Leves. This Leve is funny - you need to /poke the monsters around and kill them if they carry a luminous crystal! Your main goal however is to kill 3 Wandering Bogys - sometimes the mobs turn into them and you can get your kills done.

Congratulations, the Book of Skyearth I is now complete!

See also: 
Guide: The Trials of the Braves (Books to upgrade your Atma weapon)