Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Aesthetician

Hey guys!

I am all exited about 2.1 and as I mentioned - the first thing I did was unlocking my "personal" Aesthetician. I thought that the quest is really boring. Go there, talk to someone else, go back here... But then! Then it happened: Jandelaine appeared!
This Character is simply AMAZING. I think he is one of the coolest NPCs that I ever met in a game and the little video sequence made me laugh so bad. This is exactly what FFXIV was missing, haha.
Look at Kou Ji's "OMFG, NOT ME!!"-face, it's just so adorable, hahaha.
After the video I went into my room to summon Jandelaine and checked out the new hairstyles. Sadly there were just 2 new hairstyles for Miqo'te male added: The snow one and this fuzzy one which is - atleast I believe so - already available for Hyur Midlanders.
I like the Snow one though, maybe I will use it for a couple of days.

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Jojo Kneebone said...

Kou-Ji almost looks scared of him in your screenshot there. I laughed so hard when Jandelaine flounced off waving his scissors at the end.

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