Thursday, December 26, 2013

New passion?!

Hmm, something happened! Something that I would have never imagined: I finally started to level my other crafting classes and ... I enjoy it!

My first crafting class was Weaver, which I got to 50 by doing leves with HQ-items in the end. I really hated it: the materials are expensive, the monsters are over-farmed and it kinda broke me (financially). That's why I stopped bothering with crafting.

I also got a level 50 Goldsmith, but my friend helped me leveling it with leves - so when I got 50, I had a level 1 weapon and I had not done a single class quest for it. During the last days, however, I bought some crafting gear for it and finished the class quests to get a good level 50 tool. Shortly after I realised that I could make a fair amount of money, so it's actually a good way to start my crafting carreer.
I really love the level 50 skins for each crafting profession, so shortly after I purchased a full set of armor for my Weaver as well. It looks like a military uniform, love it! That's why I didn't dye this one.
For now my goal is to get the other crafting professions to level 15 to unlock some skills that would come in handy, starting with Blacksmith. The fact that I could actually use some of the low level weapons that I had made was a really cool feeling.

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