Tuesday, December 17, 2013

My fourth month

This time my progress post is one day too late, but blame the long maintenance for it! :) I really can't wait to see the new content in 2.1. Have you read the Patchnotes yet? I didn't read everything, but I really like most of the changes that they are going to implent. I'm most exited about King Moggle Mog and the weapon skins he drops! Gonna farm them all, just you wait little fat Moggle Mog!

Old ~ Sooo anyway, let's continue with my progress screenshot from last month:
Progress third month

New ~ And here is the fourth month:
Progress fourth month

While I was quite inactive at the beginning of the month because I kinda lost my fun in playing, I really nerded a crapload once I started to enjoy it again. I finished three whole Relic lines - one for my SCH, one for WHM and one for DRG, which still needs to get 900 Tomestones of Pholosophy to get the new weapon.

For now my goal is to get BLM, MNK and WAR to level 50 as well, then focus on crafting. I kinda want to get done with the classes to focus on the new content that will be playable from now on. Treasure Hunting, by the way, looks like a lot of fun, so I guess leveling the gathering classes won't be that much of a pain anymore!

Here are some cool screenshots from the fourth month:

Coil-Time! Already got some nice drops, and I love the Allagan skin for Bard. Sadly its the same for dragoon. But Kou Ji looks awesome in it!
THM story quest... Pantomime alert?
While leveling my WHM, I got a bunny-mount... errr... Unicorn... errrr... What ever, it's ugly!
 Lalafell-Zerg. I liked those little weirdos!
Yay, finally 50 and a finished class quest!!
See you in 2.1!

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