Monday, December 09, 2013

I'm alive! O_o

Hey everyone!

Those days I’ve not updated my blog much. I was thinking about quitting the game, because I was really bored. Anyway, after taking a small break I started to enjoy it again and bloody hell, I can’t wait for 2.1 to finally get released.
This weekend I managed to get the Relic weapon for my little Scholar. At start I was pretty scared to heal, because I really never played this class before and instantly got thrown into a Chimera party without any idea about my skills and such. However, it worked somehow, and now I got the feeling for what to do. I can’t wait to start a new Relic quest today with my WHM. A good friend of mine needs it too, so we will do it together this evening. Who knows – maybe we get everything done by today?! Would be awesome!
For now I'm leveling my DRG again - 4 more level to go till 50! Did I mention that the Melee Limit Break looks damn awesome!?
I also managed to complete some Hunting Logs. I really forgot about them, but now I got them done for my Archer, my Paladin and the first one for my new Grand Company as well. And yup – I switched my GC from the Twin Adder to the Maelstrom and started my ‘carreer’ there, haha. They scammed me though, as they wanted me to pay 50.000 gil to be a part of them!!!

Okay, catch you guys later!

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