Saturday, November 16, 2013

My third month

Today I'm playing FFXIV:ARR for 3 months!

This month didn't play too much because I was really busy at work. Anyway, let's check my progress screenshots!

Here is the screenshot that I posted last time (second month):
Progress second month

And this one is the new one from the third month:
Progress third month

I'm happy that I managed to get my Miner and my Weaver to level 50. My Goldsmith is level 41 now and my friend is helping me a lot to do the Leves.

I got to try Coil turn 5 but our gear reached it's limit. We simply lack some HP and need to upgrade it before we will be able to finally beat Twintania. 
I also got to see Lightning at morning, when it wasn't too crowded. (Read more here)
At the moment I am leveling my Conjurer (currently 26). I didn't want to heal, but it tickles me to try it. I think playing healer is the hardest class here and I can't wait till I get 50 and do some WP runs.
And this is one of the best Screenshots I got: dem butterfly hat!! It's shiny!
I also got 2 parts of Snows costume for now. I love those trousers and I can't wait till we get a costume slot!
Alright, that's it for today, catch you guys later!

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