Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lightning event: The weapons

Did you bother to farm the weapons that you can get from the Lightning event?

I took them all, because I love having a lot of skins, even though most of them don’t really fit to male characters (or at least not Kou Ji ;_;). If you are curious what they look like, have a taste:

Blazefire Saber for Gladiator/Paladin (yay, Lightnings sword!!)
Star Seeker for Archer/Bard
Bladed Lance for Lancer/Dragoon
l'Cie Bardiche for Marauder/Warrior
Mog's Staff for Thaumaturge/Blackmage
Grimoire Wing for Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner
Binding Rod for Conjurer/White Mage
Vega Knuckles for Pugilist/Monk
I love the looks of the Vega Knuckles and Lightnings sword. ^_^

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