Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Leveling, leveling, leveling ...

Sup guys?

Not much happening here lately. I'm just busy leveling my crafting and field classes, so not really much to tell recently.

While I found mining to be enjoyable the first 20 level, it's kinda a pain in the butt to keep going at the moment. I tried to finish all the gathering achievements and now I "just" *coughcough* miss the 4.000 items from a level 41-50 node in all the regions.
My miner is currently deployed in La Noscea to get the 4.000 items there. I gonna ding level 45 with it really soon and I hope to be able to finish my goals this or the next week.

I also started to level my goldsmith and my friend is actually helping me with it (he is crafting me high quality items for the leves). My GSM is currently level 40 and I also got 3 more levels for my weaver, which is currently level 48.

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