Saturday, November 23, 2013

Lightning event: The weapons

Did you bother to farm the weapons that you can get from the Lightning event?

I took them all, because I love having a lot of skins, even though most of them don’t really fit to male characters (or at least not Kou Ji ;_;). If you are curious what they look like, have a taste:

Blazefire Saber for Gladiator/Paladin (yay, Lightnings sword!!)
Star Seeker for Archer/Bard
Bladed Lance for Lancer/Dragoon
l'Cie Bardiche for Marauder/Warrior
Mog's Staff for Thaumaturge/Blackmage
Grimoire Wing for Arcanist/Scholar/Summoner
Binding Rod for Conjurer/White Mage
Vega Knuckles for Pugilist/Monk
I love the looks of the Vega Knuckles and Lightnings sword. ^_^

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Aaaand Lightning... is gone? ;_;

The fourth phase of the Lightning event is online now and I was finally able to get the cool chestpiece from Snow. You can take the new quest in Gridania again and then head over to Mor Dhona, were you first have to join a FATE and defeat small monsters. After that a big boss called Aspect of Chaos is spawning and Lightning summons Odin to aid us in battle. Was quite fun, even thought it was pretty crowded!
After finishing the FATE you have to go back to Gridania and you'll be able to watch a small cutscene. Sadly that's it and Lightning will disappear... 
Bye, bye, Lightning, was nice to meet you! And thanks for the awesome costume you gave me!! ^_^

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Lightning... Turn 3!

Yesterday a new chapter of the event got released and players are able to get Lightnings or Snows boots now. This time you have to do a FATE again, but at least it's a new one. A Clockwork Dreadnought spawns and you have to take it down together with Lightning.
The full event starts to get a story finally, and after completing your mission you even get rewarded with a small cutscene with Lightning herself.
The event is getting better guys! Can't wait to see what's next!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Lightning part 2

The second part of the Lightning event is at least a FATE which is completely new this time. A big monster called "Armored Beast" spawns and you have to help Lightning to kill it. The FATE is for level 26 so low level characters can participate as well. I guess for the following FATEs you might need to be a bit more higher in the level, but let's see.

Yet again - if it's too crowded in the area you can't see Lightning. To get some more screenshots of her I made the FATE again at morning. Enjoy the pictures I took:
And here an example how everything looks if there are too many people around:
As reward for this FATE you get Lightnings trousers (female characters) or Snows trousers (male characters). I love the skin!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

My third month

Today I'm playing FFXIV:ARR for 3 months!

This month didn't play too much because I was really busy at work. Anyway, let's check my progress screenshots!

Here is the screenshot that I posted last time (second month):
Progress second month

And this one is the new one from the third month:
Progress third month

I'm happy that I managed to get my Miner and my Weaver to level 50. My Goldsmith is level 41 now and my friend is helping me a lot to do the Leves.

I got to try Coil turn 5 but our gear reached it's limit. We simply lack some HP and need to upgrade it before we will be able to finally beat Twintania. 
I also got to see Lightning at morning, when it wasn't too crowded. (Read more here)
At the moment I am leveling my Conjurer (currently 26). I didn't want to heal, but it tickles me to try it. I think playing healer is the hardest class here and I can't wait till I get 50 and do some WP runs.
And this is one of the best Screenshots I got: dem butterfly hat!! It's shiny!
I also got 2 parts of Snows costume for now. I love those trousers and I can't wait till we get a costume slot!
Alright, that's it for today, catch you guys later!

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ms Lightning is here

Hey all! Today I want to talk a little bit about the Lightning event, which is currently running till the 9th of december.
While I was really excited that I could meet one of my favourite FF characters ingame, I have to say that I am really disappointed how it turned out at the moment. For now you have to camp a low level FATE and if Lightning spawns, then you can’t even see her if there are too many people. The FATE ends in about no time and it is really nothing special... they didn't even bother creating a complete new FATE for this, instead they just took a random FATE and made Lightning appear in it eventually. For now it has been everything but fun, but let’s see.
However, when I tried doing the FATE at morning, I could grab some nice pictures of Lightning. She was lagging quite a bit, but she looks cool!
The skins you can get from this event seem to be fairly good looking at least (can't wait to get the full Snow-Costume for Kou Ji <3). Too bad that we don’t have a costume slot available yet.

Sooo, see ya next time, Lightning?!