Monday, October 07, 2013

Singing my way to level 50~

Yesterday I finally got my bard to level 50 and I'm quite happy that I kept going. You get some amazing skills - amazing because they got an awesome animation (specially the skill called Wide Volley, I just can't get enough of it!). While bard still isn't my favourite class, I think it has beautiful armors and that makes me enjoy playing it.
Because I was capped on Company Seals I had already bought the full set of the Twin Adder gear for level 50, but I replaced it fast with the gear I got from Amdapor Keep. I liked the Twin Adder set a lot, just too bad that you can't dye it.

After completing all the missing class quests from level 35 to 50 I started to do the Reliq Quest for this class. Lots of people from my Free Company helped me out (thanks again, guys), so I got the weapon in just one day. All the runs went pretty smooth, even Titan went down with just one try. It was a lot of fun, specially because our little Lalatank decided to tank Garuda and Ifrit in his swimsuit, haha!
And here it is, my new little bow:
I love the design of this weapon. It actually looks like a harp while your character isn't in combat, but unfolds the moment you enter a battle.


Flo Daddelt said...

Heyhey :) congratulations on your Relic Weapon!

Kou Ji said...

Thanks :) it's my 2nd tho. How are you? HAving fun in coil? :P

Flo Daddelt said...

Jep jep, have you seen my Turn4 clear video? :D The end is especially funny with all the cheering :P

And yeah I completed my 2nd relic only the day before yesterday on my Scholar. :D Now I'm the ultimate healer huehue!

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