Thursday, October 03, 2013

My new little friend

After visiting my Grand Company, the Order of the Twin Adder, they gave me a new little companion to join forces with me!

Dup du duuuh~... Meet Bobo, Winstons little Choco-bro':
A little mini chocobo with an adorable helmet! It costs 20.000 Company Seals and every Grand Company offers a different one (with a different helmet). This may seem a lot to you, but once you start to level other classes with FATEs you'll get those seals in about no time.
Bobo likes to follow me and to jump around everywhere. He won't listen to come down. >_<
Bobo already accompanied me in many FATEs with my Archer/Bard. I am currently level 36 by the way, and my goal for today is to reach at least level 40 while enjoying my day off from work.


Lauren. said...

OMG! I didn't know you could get this for Grand Company seals!

So cute, gratz!

Kou Ji said...

Haha, thanks :)

yea the one from Twin Adder is really adorable, I love the feather helm. The one from Immortal Flames has a horn, doesn't look that cool but its still cute xD I'm curious how the one from the Limsa Lominsa GC looks, I'll check it out once I am allowed to change GCs again x)

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