Sunday, October 06, 2013

Housing in 2.1

Yesterday I finally found some information about the 2.1 patch, which is supposed to come in middle-end of october. Those information were released during the Tokyo Game Show 2013 in Japan.

I'll start with the housing, because that's what I'm interested in the most. ^_^

First of all, watch this amazing trailer!

The housing locations look really awesome, I thought my favourite would be in Limsa Lominsa, but I actually like the one next to Ul'dah way more. I can't wait to see what Gridania will look like. My goal is to have a house in all three different locations anyway.

You can get so much different furniture - some are drops from bosses, most of them will be craftable (for example with the crafting profression "carpenter"). I can imagine that weaver can also sew some stuff, like the mog doll you see on one of the tables in the video.

There will be three different kinds of houses - small, medium and big. Yoshi-P mentioned somewhere that you can have more than one house, if you have the money that is. The prices are not set yet, but we will see! I think SE is going to make housing pretty much affordable, so that the majority of the players are able to enjoy the new content.

You can also customise the outter looks of your house with about 300 available parts to build from.

Your Free Company will be able to have a house as well. The leader is able to set up the rights who is able to decorate the FC house and move the furniture around. They somehow mentioned that you'll get a work station inside your FC building, which allows you to build ships and so on. It sounds really awesome, right?

I just can't wait for this patch to go live! :)

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