Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween in Eorzea

Hey guys, what's up? Are you enjoying the small Halloween event ingame? I certainly do while taking tonns of screenshots.
It was really fun do to the few quests and getting a couple experience for my low levels, but I hoped for a somewhat bigger event, like in GW2 for example. I'm always up for tonns of achievements, quests and mini events ingame. Or at least some halloween-cookie drops from monsters, or other consumables! That'd be really awesome, but anyway, the costumes that you could buy are really funny at least! I love the fact that they aren't expensive at all, so every player gets the chance to purchase them, even if they just started the game.
Well, at least they really did an awesome job with decorating all the cities. Everywhere you go are pumpkins and weirdos, everything is so detailed and it really gives you a halloween feeling - specially when it's getting dark!
I think my poor Kidragora got traumatised for the rest of its lifetime.
Happy Halloween to everyone! ^_^

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