Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enterting the Coil

Yesterday I finally made it into coil again.

This time I started with turn 2, because the other had done turn 1 already and were locked. I wasn't too happy to start with turn 2, simply because I was a bit afraid of playing the bard for real for the first time. I had geared my bard quite a bit, got him a ring with mythology tomes and some other darklight parts, but I didn't practise the silence much so I thought I might screw up on the timing, but it went pretty well in the end. ^_^

So we meet again...
It was really fun, we wiped a couple oft times, but after the 6th try or something like that the ADS finally went down and we got some nice loot for our casters!

Then we proceeded to turn 3... and we had tonns of fun here. It felt like playing Sonic the Hedgehog and it was simply amazing! Haha!
Turn 3, however, was pretty easy and we finished it quite fast while laughing about the fail-jumps we did.

Sadly turn 4 gave us a little headache. It was already pretty late, people got tired and after a couple of tries we decided just call it.
Let's see, I hope we try out turn 4 today again before it resets! :)

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The Pharaoh said...

Congratulations and keep pushing on!

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