Monday, October 28, 2013

Coil Turn 4 DOWN!

Wheee, yesterday we finally managed to beat Coil Turn 4.

While the DPS matters a lot, it's even more important to find out how to execute it properly. The full group needs to work together and rely on each other. Everyone has an important part and if just one dies or slack, it's almost over. So anyway, I'm happy that we finally beat Turn 4.
Here is our team again (from left to right): 
Sheandra Dreyar, Grizzly Wolf, me, Azulu Jui, Cyriac Allen, 
Fuwala Fuwalu, N'sapph Rhiki, Sathele Lightheart
Gratz to all who got a drop last night!  <3

Monday, October 21, 2013

Halloween-Event with my FC

Yesterday I had another photo shooting with my Free Company - this time it was based on the halloween-event of course. It was really a lot of fun meeting new and old people from my FC. Too bad that only a couple of them actually came.

Anyway, I made tonns (and I mean tonns) of screenshots and here are the best ones:

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Halloween in Eorzea

Hey guys, what's up? Are you enjoying the small Halloween event ingame? I certainly do while taking tonns of screenshots.
It was really fun do to the few quests and getting a couple experience for my low levels, but I hoped for a somewhat bigger event, like in GW2 for example. I'm always up for tonns of achievements, quests and mini events ingame. Or at least some halloween-cookie drops from monsters, or other consumables! That'd be really awesome, but anyway, the costumes that you could buy are really funny at least! I love the fact that they aren't expensive at all, so every player gets the chance to purchase them, even if they just started the game.
Well, at least they really did an awesome job with decorating all the cities. Everywhere you go are pumpkins and weirdos, everything is so detailed and it really gives you a halloween feeling - specially when it's getting dark!
I think my poor Kidragora got traumatised for the rest of its lifetime.
Happy Halloween to everyone! ^_^

Saturday, October 19, 2013

The cleanest kill EU

Ahaha, watch us doing the cleanest kill EU on ADS in Coil turn 2.

(At 9 minutes it gets interesting, haha!)

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Meeting the Moogles

I got two new guests who came to visit me! Meet Kuporo and Kupopo, my new little friends. ^_^
They are really adorable, aren't they?!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

My second month

Wow, I almost can't believe it but today I'm playing FFXIV: ARR for two full months now.

I think in the past 30 days I made a nice amount of progress ingame and I enjoyed playing a lot. Usually I tend to get bored fast in a game, but I don't feel bored at all for now. There is still so much to do, so much to experience.

Remember the progress that I had made during the first month of playtime? Here is the screenshot that I posted on the 16th september 2013...
Progress first month

And now have a look at my progress from the second month!
Progress second month

As you can see - I focused on leveling the battle classes/jobs instead of crafting. I am happy that my Bard is level 50 and I really got some good gear for him, so he is kinda prepared for the next coil run and I can't wait till we start!

Second, I got my little Paladin tank to level 50 as well and now I can finally farm AK or Castrum without having ridiculous waiting times. Tanking is kinda fun in this game, but with my crap gear its not so easy to hold aggro against my good geared friends. Plus, I think I have the crappiest shield around, so I really take high hits from some mobs/bosses. My goal for my PLD is to get the relic weapon (and the awesome shield!) now. I am at Hydra and after I will need to kill Ifrit, Garuda and Titan again and farm enough tomestones.

I am also leveling a Lancer right now, because I want to unlock more skills that I could use for my BRD. It's also good to have more classes to play, that makes you more flexible overall.

And last but not least, here are some screenshots I made...

Disco @ Odin...

My little brother, the Kidragora. The colors fit perfectly to my bard, haha.

Avatar, the last... earthbender?

Lancer-Power! The skills look really cool!

Awesome! We beat coil turn 2!!!

My friend is a little Lalafell now, after changing appearance! :)

See you next time! :)

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Enterting the Coil

Yesterday I finally made it into coil again.

This time I started with turn 2, because the other had done turn 1 already and were locked. I wasn't too happy to start with turn 2, simply because I was a bit afraid of playing the bard for real for the first time. I had geared my bard quite a bit, got him a ring with mythology tomes and some other darklight parts, but I didn't practise the silence much so I thought I might screw up on the timing, but it went pretty well in the end. ^_^

So we meet again...
It was really fun, we wiped a couple oft times, but after the 6th try or something like that the ADS finally went down and we got some nice loot for our casters!

Then we proceeded to turn 3... and we had tonns of fun here. It felt like playing Sonic the Hedgehog and it was simply amazing! Haha!
Turn 3, however, was pretty easy and we finished it quite fast while laughing about the fail-jumps we did.

Sadly turn 4 gave us a little headache. It was already pretty late, people got tired and after a couple of tries we decided just call it.
Let's see, I hope we try out turn 4 today again before it resets! :)

Monday, October 07, 2013

Singing my way to level 50~

Yesterday I finally got my bard to level 50 and I'm quite happy that I kept going. You get some amazing skills - amazing because they got an awesome animation (specially the skill called Wide Volley, I just can't get enough of it!). While bard still isn't my favourite class, I think it has beautiful armors and that makes me enjoy playing it.
Because I was capped on Company Seals I had already bought the full set of the Twin Adder gear for level 50, but I replaced it fast with the gear I got from Amdapor Keep. I liked the Twin Adder set a lot, just too bad that you can't dye it.

After completing all the missing class quests from level 35 to 50 I started to do the Reliq Quest for this class. Lots of people from my Free Company helped me out (thanks again, guys), so I got the weapon in just one day. All the runs went pretty smooth, even Titan went down with just one try. It was a lot of fun, specially because our little Lalatank decided to tank Garuda and Ifrit in his swimsuit, haha!
And here it is, my new little bow:
I love the design of this weapon. It actually looks like a harp while your character isn't in combat, but unfolds the moment you enter a battle.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Housing in 2.1

Yesterday I finally found some information about the 2.1 patch, which is supposed to come in middle-end of october. Those information were released during the Tokyo Game Show 2013 in Japan.

I'll start with the housing, because that's what I'm interested in the most. ^_^

First of all, watch this amazing trailer!

The housing locations look really awesome, I thought my favourite would be in Limsa Lominsa, but I actually like the one next to Ul'dah way more. I can't wait to see what Gridania will look like. My goal is to have a house in all three different locations anyway.

You can get so much different furniture - some are drops from bosses, most of them will be craftable (for example with the crafting profression "carpenter"). I can imagine that weaver can also sew some stuff, like the mog doll you see on one of the tables in the video.

There will be three different kinds of houses - small, medium and big. Yoshi-P mentioned somewhere that you can have more than one house, if you have the money that is. The prices are not set yet, but we will see! I think SE is going to make housing pretty much affordable, so that the majority of the players are able to enjoy the new content.

You can also customise the outter looks of your house with about 300 available parts to build from.

Your Free Company will be able to have a house as well. The leader is able to set up the rights who is able to decorate the FC house and move the furniture around. They somehow mentioned that you'll get a work station inside your FC building, which allows you to build ships and so on. It sounds really awesome, right?

I just can't wait for this patch to go live! :)

Saturday, October 05, 2013


Whee, one of my guildmates made me a really nice present! Look at the funny mail I got from him:
Inside was a...*drums*
Turtle!  *stomp*

I guess no one would have guessed that now! :P It's a really amazing minion, everytime you walk it's spinning round and round and...whee, like those turtle shells in Super Mario!

What I like the most is that he went to fish the turtle by himself. I just love the fact, that you can get some minions with being a fisherman. Thanks again, little Fuzzball!

Thursday, October 03, 2013

My new little friend

After visiting my Grand Company, the Order of the Twin Adder, they gave me a new little companion to join forces with me!

Dup du duuuh~... Meet Bobo, Winstons little Choco-bro':
A little mini chocobo with an adorable helmet! It costs 20.000 Company Seals and every Grand Company offers a different one (with a different helmet). This may seem a lot to you, but once you start to level other classes with FATEs you'll get those seals in about no time.
Bobo likes to follow me and to jump around everywhere. He won't listen to come down. >_<
Bobo already accompanied me in many FATEs with my Archer/Bard. I am currently level 36 by the way, and my goal for today is to reach at least level 40 while enjoying my day off from work.