Sunday, September 22, 2013


The past few days me and my group tried to kill Titan. Yesterday we got him to 20% and today we all want him to die!
Titan is by far the hardest boss in the game that I have met so far. First of all you have to get used to the small delay - sometimes you'll get hit even though you're not in one of his aoe circles on your screen. After some practise you can adapt to that "little" problem though. But it's still hard. You'll have to get used to his patterns and you'll have to find a group which is willing to progress together. We wiped a lot, but day after day we were doing better.


Titan I hate you. <3
See you next time!


Lauren. said...

I have heard how hard this boss is. One of my followers on twitter I think had 200 wipes on him or something close to that! I hope you get him soon! :)

Livify said...

Yea, he is really hard, because you need enough gear and a really good group to beat him! I got him yesterday finally :D so happy that he is done now!

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