Sunday, September 15, 2013

Relic-Quest and Tomestone farming

Those days I went quite far with my relic quest. I bought the weapon and the materia, killed Chimera and Hydra, Ifrit and Garuda. The Titan has to wait a bit I guess, because the people in my FC (including me of course) don't have enough gear to beat him yet.

That's why I'm farming tomestones now, trying to get the Darklight gear (going for the jewels for now) and maximize my damage output. Usually I don't enjoy farming, but with my FC it's been a lot of fun to do some Amdapor Keep and Castrum Meridianum runs to get Tomestones of Philosophy.

Already got 2 pieces (would have been 3, but I went to buy the pets first...xD):
It was a nice upgrade to the jewels I had before.

I don't regret to buy the Minions, they are really adorable. Check them out in case you haven't seen them yet:

The Fledgling Dodo became my favourite Minion. I just love his hurr durr derp derp looks!

The Dust Bunny <3 really cute when he drops his stone!

And last but not least: The Wide-eyed Fawn. I don't like this one too much, I always feel the urge to kick it... Still, it's cute, somehow.

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