Friday, September 13, 2013

Dungeon ragequit~

Hello my fellow Eorzeans!

How have you been? I had a lot of fun playing through the awesome storyline and getting my Magitek mount.
It looks awesome, but I prefer to ride through Eorzea on Winston's back. I even bought my little fella three new bardings and now he has a mix between all of them:
After finishing hunting log #3 for my Grand Company (Immortal Flames), I decided to swap over to the Twin Adder in Gridania and upgrade my ranks there. However, I didn't know that you can only swap GCs once in 30 days, but it doesn't matter too much I guess.

The first thing I did after dinging 50 was killing Ifrit (HM). It's a really funny fight and on my third try it finally dropped:

My little Book! :D
Some things, however, didn't please me too much. If you are playing a dps and don't have a friend that plays neither healer or tank you'll have to wait ages to get the duty finder pop. Then, after let's say 1 1/2 hours, you finally manage to get into the dungeon and then some idiot decides to leave after not even trying to keep up a good fight, just because another one said "Hi, first time for me!". About 10 seconds later the whole group left, leaving me and the new dude behind. Awesome! Nice attitude of those players, wth is wrong with those crybabies in FFXIV?

Oh well, I'm leveling a small tank by myself now. Can't decide which one though - Warrior looks cooler but everyone tells me to go for Paladin!

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