Thursday, August 22, 2013

My first steps into FFXIV

Whew, finally I found some time to post about my first "real" steps into Eorzea during the open beta last weekend. I love the fact that my progress won't get deleted anymore and I had a lot of fun to create Kou Ji. Of course I decided on his looks a long time ago, but I still enjoyed to check the small options again. Too bad that Miqo'tes are quite small, so Kou Ji is only "173,2 cm" tall!
However, I am not really pleased with my server. My first choice was Moogle, but after coming home from work almost every server was blocked for new characters. So bleh, I joined Shiva [EU] and it seems that it's the inofficial german server... Not that the language bothers me (I'm german too), but their attitude towards non germans just pisses me off. Oh well, I guess it can't be helped!

My journey started in Ul'dah and I joined the pugilists guild. Pugilist was the class I enjoyed a lot in all the beta tests, and I find the class itself quite hot! Haha! 
Sadly the level cap was 20, so after reaching it I started to level the arcanist. I have to say that this class is a lot of fun, and the Topaz Carbuncle (buncle!) is one of the bests tanks available - at least for low level dungeons! Why waiting 2 hours to get entry to a dungeon when you can just let your mini-buncle tank.
Then I played conjurer as well, but it's really not my class. Usually I like healing, but it's a pain to level. And I don't find this class fitting to Kou Ji at all. Anyway, here you can see all the progress I made during the open beta:
I also had fun creating my retainers. Okay, for now I only made one, but I love the idea that you can customize them as you please. Cute, isn't she?
Sadly the beta ended way too fast for my taste. But just a couple of days left until we can all dig into the game and enjoy it big time! See you in Eorzea pretty soon! ^_^

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