Thursday, August 01, 2013

Character Benchmark is now live

The promised character benchmark is now ready for download. It is a 2,6 Gigabyte big file that you can download here after agreeing to the Licence Agreement. Check out the benchmark-site for further instructions as well.

Have in mind that this is not the game itself. It is basically just an upgraded version of the old benchmark and you are able to check how your computer runs FFXIV, but also allowes to pre-create your character.
After launching the benchmark, simply click on Character Creation (the big yellow button).

You have the choice between loading an existing character appearence data to the benchmark or create a new character from scratch. After finishing the creation progress you are allowed to save the template again which you can use when FFXIV launches.
It's a nice tool if you haven't decided on your characters' looks yet. However, there are no new options available, which is pretty disappointing. I was hoping for a couple more hair styles or face paintings at least.

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