Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boo! 3h maintenance! D:

Wow, when you think everything goes fine, then one error appears and they have to shut down the NA/EU servers for three hours to do an emergency maintenance! It wouldn't actually bother me, but some people pre-ordered the game to just have to 3 days Early Access, and for those it sucks big time I imagine. Well, I don't really mind for now, I had already quite a funny time ingame. Aaand: I got Winston! :D I loved the small sequence when Kou Ji got introduced to his own chocobo.
But not everything was nice... One thing that really pisses the shit out of me: The QQ about the language on Shiva. I wasn't even online for 5 minutes and the germans were arguing with the non-germans about the language. The thing is: Many germans don't even try to speak english. They declared Shiva to the main german server and well yea... nothing more to add. Even though I am german too I'm kinda ashamed how they react and how they treat people who don't understand german at all... I just hope the community will calm down, because if not I'll highly consider to change servers, even if it'll cost me money.

Before the servers closed I was waiting for a special FATE to get the Baby Bun pet, but it didn't spawn. Only all the other FATEs around. Doh!
Oh well, I'll go watch some Doomsday Preppers-episodes until the servers are back online. This TV show is just awesome. xD

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