Saturday, August 24, 2013

Boo! 3h maintenance! D:

Wow, when you think everything goes fine, then one error appears and they have to shut down the NA/EU servers for three hours to do an emergency maintenance! It wouldn't actually bother me, but some people pre-ordered the game to just have to 3 days Early Access, and for those it sucks big time I imagine. Well, I don't really mind for now, I had already quite a funny time ingame. Aaand: I got Winston! :D I loved the small sequence when Kou Ji got introduced to his own chocobo.
But not everything was nice... One thing that really pisses the shit out of me: The QQ about the language on Shiva. I wasn't even online for 5 minutes and the germans were arguing with the non-germans about the language. The thing is: Many germans don't even try to speak english. They declared Shiva to the main german server and well yea... nothing more to add. Even though I am german too I'm kinda ashamed how they react and how they treat people who don't understand german at all... I just hope the community will calm down, because if not I'll highly consider to change servers, even if it'll cost me money.

Before the servers closed I was waiting for a special FATE to get the Baby Bun pet, but it didn't spawn. Only all the other FATEs around. Doh!
Oh well, I'll go watch some Doomsday Preppers-episodes until the servers are back online. This TV show is just awesome. xD

Friday, August 23, 2013


Not even one day left until the early access starts! I still can't decide which class I will continue to level tomorrow. But well, some hours to think about my class-dilemma until I can finally explore the beautiful Eorzea again.
I'm so happy that you'll be able to get your own Chocobo this time, and that will be the first thing that I am going to do: Farming Winston! "Winston" will be the name of my fellow birdo-friend by the way... it's an insider from FFXIII-2, where you could auto-name your monsters and ding, the silver Chocobo got named Winston. Of course I reserved it for FFXIV too, haha.
Oh, by the way, did you enter your pre-order code yet? It was literally a pain in the butt when I tried to insert mine. I think many of you experienced Error 3 as well... However, after like 30 tries it finally worked for me. I just hope nothing goes wrong tomorrow, SE seems a bit helpless imho! Oh well, can't wait to hug my little Cait Sith Doll Minion and put on the sexy Mog Cap (hm, well, maybe not...).

Meanwhile I made some rather small changes to my blog, but I like the design as it is now so I'm going to leave it for some time I guess. If you want me to add your FFXIV blog to my link list, feel free to contact me.


Thursday, August 22, 2013

My first steps into FFXIV

Whew, finally I found some time to post about my first "real" steps into Eorzea during the open beta last weekend. I love the fact that my progress won't get deleted anymore and I had a lot of fun to create Kou Ji. Of course I decided on his looks a long time ago, but I still enjoyed to check the small options again. Too bad that Miqo'tes are quite small, so Kou Ji is only "173,2 cm" tall!
However, I am not really pleased with my server. My first choice was Moogle, but after coming home from work almost every server was blocked for new characters. So bleh, I joined Shiva [EU] and it seems that it's the inofficial german server... Not that the language bothers me (I'm german too), but their attitude towards non germans just pisses me off. Oh well, I guess it can't be helped!

My journey started in Ul'dah and I joined the pugilists guild. Pugilist was the class I enjoyed a lot in all the beta tests, and I find the class itself quite hot! Haha! 
Sadly the level cap was 20, so after reaching it I started to level the arcanist. I have to say that this class is a lot of fun, and the Topaz Carbuncle (buncle!) is one of the bests tanks available - at least for low level dungeons! Why waiting 2 hours to get entry to a dungeon when you can just let your mini-buncle tank.
Then I played conjurer as well, but it's really not my class. Usually I like healing, but it's a pain to level. And I don't find this class fitting to Kou Ji at all. Anyway, here you can see all the progress I made during the open beta:
I also had fun creating my retainers. Okay, for now I only made one, but I love the idea that you can customize them as you please. Cute, isn't she?
Sadly the beta ended way too fast for my taste. But just a couple of days left until we can all dig into the game and enjoy it big time! See you in Eorzea pretty soon! ^_^

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Character Benchmark is now live

The promised character benchmark is now ready for download. It is a 2,6 Gigabyte big file that you can download here after agreeing to the Licence Agreement. Check out the benchmark-site for further instructions as well.

Have in mind that this is not the game itself. It is basically just an upgraded version of the old benchmark and you are able to check how your computer runs FFXIV, but also allowes to pre-create your character.
After launching the benchmark, simply click on Character Creation (the big yellow button).

You have the choice between loading an existing character appearence data to the benchmark or create a new character from scratch. After finishing the creation progress you are allowed to save the template again which you can use when FFXIV launches.
It's a nice tool if you haven't decided on your characters' looks yet. However, there are no new options available, which is pretty disappointing. I was hoping for a couple more hair styles or face paintings at least.