Monday, July 15, 2013

End of Beta Phase 3

Right now the servers went offline and that will be it for Phase 3. Like I already mentioned: Everything you achieved will get deleted, e.g. your characters, items, money, progress, ...
But let's move on to the facts:

What to do with your Beta Client now?
You need to uninstall it. Both clients - PS3 and Windows - can not be used for the Open Beta. At the start of Phase 4 we will be able to download a completely new and bigger client.

And what about the character appearance data?
You will be able to use the appearance data for the characters you created during Phase 3. For that you have to keep one thing in mind: Do not delete the following folder on your computer/PS3:
  • Windows
    My Documents -> My Games -> FINAL FANTASY XIV - A Realm Reborn (Beta Version)
  • PlayStation®3
    (From "XMB") Game -> Saved Data Utility (PS3™)
Before uninstalling the Phase 3 client I suggest you to make a backup of the folder I mentioned above, because you never know what can happen.

Linking Square Enix Accounts to Sony Entertainment Network Accounts
Square Enix accounts linked to Sony Entertainment Network accounts during beta test phase 3 will be unlinked at the end of testing.

Time for the Open Beta (also called Phase 4)?
The schedule for the Open Beta has not yet been announced. Square Enix will release more information and details later on. Stay tuned!

What can we expect in Phase 4? (if you find any mistake here, feel free to correct me!)
  • It will be the Open Beta. You won't need a Beta Key to test the game.
  • You will be able to keep all the progress you made during Phase 4. That includes your character of course. However, if something goes terribly wrong, SE might have to make another wipe at the end of the Open Beta.
  • The only thing that they plan to reset are the PVP points that you can earn in the new coliseum.
  • Guild housing will be available.
  • There will be more options for the character creation available.
  • The level cap is still 35 for each class.
  • There will be a coliseum for PVP. You can earn new PVP token.
  • More maps will be available (20+).
  • More quests will be available.
  • Voice-over for cutscenes SHOULD be available.

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