Monday, June 24, 2013

So many lovely details!

I love to run around and check all the ambience. There are so many small, lovely details in FFXIV: A Realm Reborn. Enjoy the following screenshots that I took this weekend during the Closed Beta Phase 3.

Weird creatures in Limsa Lominsa
How cool is this monster? Would be great to mount such a fatty!
Which one looks more dumb? :)
Chocobo-Love <3
Did you know that you can sit on chairs if you jump on them and type /sit?
When it's getting dark...
...lights appear everywhere! (in houses, lamps start to glow, ...)
A chilly campfire
Synchro-dance! Almost purrfect!
Personal Chocobo: He will aid you in fight!
That's a shark. In a barrel. Deal with it!
Waiting for dinner~
Girly pirates
Pooooost! Kupo!
Another pirate gang :)
Too bad that the servers are closed now. Next friday will be another test of Phase 3, can't wait to play a bit more!

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