Sunday, June 23, 2013

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Closed Beta Phase 3

I just found out that Square Enix finally removed the NDA (non-disclosure agreement), which means that users are now allowed to post screenshots and information (no videos/sound though) whereever they want to. (Yay!)

So yea, let's start with some basics about Closed Beta Phase 3:
All characters that have been created during Closed Beta phase 1 and 2 got deleted at the start of phase 3. However, they also changed the character creation a bit, added some new haircuts and sliders to the mix. Can't wait to see the final character creation when they release the Open Beta in some weeks. I really enjoy the character design in this game, but a few more sliders for everything can't hurt to make your character look as unique as possible! I also love the option to save the appearance data for your creations.
I already had access to FFXIV: ARR Beta Phase 2 and I have to say, from phase 2 to phase 3 were a lot of (posivite) changes. Even though there isn't much content available yet, you have access to the three starter zones Ul'Dah (for the Gladiator, Pugilist and Thaumaturge classes), Gridania (Lancer, Archer and Conjurer) and Limsa Lominsa (Marauder only for now). After creating your character and choosing the appearance and class, you'll be able to watch a small opening sequence. The three videos are similar to each other but slightly different depending on the place you are starting. While you meet some alcoholic Mogs on your way to Gridania, your ship will be attacked by pirates on your way to Limsa Lominsa. You will also get attacked by some so called guardians if you are starting in Ul'Dah.
The Opening in Limsa Lominsa is by far the best, followed by the drunken Moogle pack in Gridania. Sadly the Ul'Dah sequence is not really... let's call it exciting.

After that your journey is about to start! You'll have to finish some of the starter quests in each city to be able to go outside on the field.

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